Why and How to Study in Ontario

Canada is full of terrific provinces and territories to study in. British Columbia offers beautiful weather and scenery, Nova Scotia has a unique charm, and Saskatchewan provides a cost effective education. While these are only three of the Canadian provinces, these are some of the many reasons why students should study in Canada.

However, Ontario specifically has huge economic potential and a diverse range of institutions. These institutions accommodate the various needs and interests of incoming international students. If you’re on the fence of whether or not you should choose Ontario as your destination, here’s why you should. Further, if you already have your sights set, here is how to study in Ontario!

University of Toronto

University of Toronto

Why Ontario?

There are many great reasons to study in Ontario. Here are just a few.

Cities and economy

Ontario is the largest province in Canada with almost 14 million residents who represent over a third of the country’s population. It’s two largest cities are Toronto and Ottawa. Toronto is the capital of Ontario and also the largest city in Canada, whereas Ottawa is the country’s capital. These two markets alone represent most major employers in Canada outside the oil and gas industry.

Toronto specifically hosts many technology and retail companies, along with most major banks. Moreover, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to many other businesses headquartered in cities such as Mississauga, Hamilton and Oakville. Ottawa, on the other hand, is home to many government jobs. However it too has a technology hub located in the west-end of the city.

As it shows, the labour market for educated students is very healthy. Ontario also has the third lowest unemployment rate of any province in Canada. In fact, the central province has one of the lowest income tax rates in all of Canada!


Ontario has a large range of institutions. Students can find intimate universities like Nipissing University, medium institutions like Queen’s University, large ones like Western University, and huge ones like University of Toronto. Not only is there a wide variety to accommodate different interests, Ontario also has some of the best institutions in the entire world, not just in the country.

University of Toronto and University of Waterloo are consistently ranked very highly for a number of programs such as engineering and architecture. Conversely, McMaster University has one of the best Health Science programs in North America. Some students may even consider University of Ottawa as it’s the largest English/French bilingual university in the world.

These are just some examples of the wonderful institutions Ontario has to offer, and why students should study in the province.

How to study in Ontario

If you’re convinced Ontario is the right Canadian province for you, here’s how to study in Ontario.

University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa


To apply to study in Ontario, students can register with Applyboard and apply to multiple schools directly with just a single application. Different requirements are necessary for schools in Ontario depending on where you are travelling from and what school you’re applying to.

It’s also important to consider the type of program you are applying for as this too may affect your requirements. Programs with specific guidelines may include medicine, law, teacher’s college or rehab sciences.

Student visa

If you are an international student, it’s necessary to apply for a student visa. This allows you to enter Canada as a student, and must be obtained prior to your travels. You must be a full-time student at a recognized institution in Canada. To find out if your institution is recognized, please refer to IRCC’s Designated Learning Institution (DLI) list.

When applying for the student visa, it’s important to submit a study plan. This gives the Visa Officer who is reviewing your application an understanding as to why you’d like to pursue your education in Canada. For helpful tips and tricks on how to write a strong study plan, read this blog post.

Finally, it’s important to recognize not all student visa applications receive the shiny approval stamp. While you prepare your application, it’s we encourage you to familiarize yourself with common reasons behind Canadian visa rejections.

Please contact our visa consultant for more information on how to study in Ontario.

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Living in Canada

As an international student, you may face a number of challenges. You’ll have to learn to adjust to the Canadian lifestyle, you’ll have to find a place to live, and you’ll have to make new friends. The good thing is, you aren’t doing this alone. All international students face similar challenges and adjust quickly. It’s an exciting experience and truly gives you a new outlook on life.

If you want to know more on how to study in Ontario, please contact our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) Hari Ghai at hari@applyboard.com. 

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