Located in Canada, ApplyBoard is the liaison between student and school. Our mission is to enrich and diversify your campus with highly qualified students from all around the globe. Our success is measured by our students’ success in their education journey. We understand each student’s needs, we remove their obstacles, and we make studying at their dream school a reality.

Our mission is made possible thanks to our team of experts and our amazing technology that matches students to their most suitable schools and programs. Keep reading to learn more about our current partners and how we can help and promote you to eager students across the globe.


ApplyBoard is partnered with some of the finest universities, colleges, language centres and high schools across Canada and the United States. Achieving an education in Canada or the U.S. can open so many doors for international students. Our partnerships are made to help these students create meaningful connections and bright futures.

For a full list of our associated schools, please click here.

We save you time and effort when we review each student’s application, ensuring each is financially and academically qualified and complete when we send it to you.

We constructed our Platform as a Service (PaaS) with our students and partners in mind. Our use of AI aligns the interests of our students and our partner schools by matching each student with their most suitable program. The platform is intuitive, personalised and designed to help everyone succeed.

Our global outreach is extensive thanks to our multilingual team of experts and our online presence. We have already recruited students from over 90 countries and we know that each student lends a unique perspective and has a lot to offer your school’s network.

We recognise that our partner schools are as diverse as our students. We keep this in mind when we design your school’s landing page on our website. Our school pages offer more than just a first glimpse into what life will be like attending your school. We collect information on tuition, programs, location, extracurricular activities, and everything else needed to ensure prospective students are fully prepared to apply and attend.

We do not charge our students anything for our services. The marketing and promotions we offer you are also free of charge. Instead we rely on commission for each student that is successfully enrolled. This allows us to keep doing what we’re doing while more and more student-school connections are being made.

To inquire about a partnership with ApplyBoard, please contact our Partner Relations Team at (Canadian schools) or (American schools).

What Our Partner Schools Say About Us

It’s been a pleasure working with ApplyBoard. The team is so professional, knowledgeable, and truly advise with the best for their students. Throughout our cooperation with ApplyBoard, they have been very responsible and dedicated to help students achieve their education goals.
Nagy Salib
Manager, International Business Development @ Sheridan College
ApplyBoard offers a unique and outstanding service to both participating institutions and inquiring students. Their platform and unparalleled customer service helps Washington State University spread our message around the globe virtually, and helps us engage students and parents any time, day or night.
Shawn Greenfield
Assistant Director @ Washington State University
Our interactions with ApplyBoard are always very pleasant and professional. Their staff members are helpful, organized, and communicate effectively. Most importantly, they genuinely seem to care about the students they work with.
Lynn Mentch
International Recruitment Program Coordinator @ Cleveland State University
ApplyBoard is a very professional organization and they have friendly staff members. We can always count on them to offer diverse applicants from all over the world.
Analy Garcia
Admissions and Outreach Advisor @ Westcliff University

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