Education Agents Tour with CEI-Vietnam

Education Agents Tour with CEI-Vietnam


My name is Erin Babbey and I am Partner Relations Manager at ApplyBoard. I am accountable for the maintenance of existing Recruitment Partnerships and the initiation of new ones. As part of my communications with partner schools, I take part in networking events and conferences to help me better understand the draw of each school when attracting international applicants.

This April I had the pleasure of participating in an Education Agents Tour headed by ApplyBoard’s prestigious partner, CEI-Vietnam. The tour was organised by industry-expert, Mr. Gardiner Wilson. In company of CEI Director Mr. Quang Nguyen and six accomplished Vietnamese agency representatives, I visited the following educational institutions:

Mohawk College, Thames Valley District School Board, Fanshawe College, Carleton University, Algonquin College, Fulford Academy, Queen’s University, Trent University, Fleming College, J. Addison School, Ryerson University, Sheridan College, Niagara College Canada, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops International Student Program, Unisus International School, University of the Fraser Valley, Coquitlam College, Brookes Westshore and Glenlyon Norfolk School.



In conveying the value of the FAM Tour experience, I would share the following:

  • I was able to establish more solid connections with our partner schools and prospective partners. Emails and phone calls are generally efficient, but getting to chat face-to-face makes all the difference in communication. You can get through all the business questions, while also learning more about each other on a personal level. For example, I got to learn about some of our school contacts’ first journeys to Canada.
  • I was able to get an accurate feel of what life is like at each school. It is of the utmost importance to convey this feeling with potential students so they can make the most informed decision on which institution and program best fits their needs and interests. This translates into higher conversion and retention rates.
  • I became more knowledgeable of the industry. My fellow delegates on this tour, who I can now call my friends, are very experienced and some have been in the industry for more than a decade. They care about their students and know what aspects of studying in Canada are most relevant to Vietnamese students. They shared their knowledge with me and I am able to take this information with me.



For me the biggest takeaway of the tour was to witness the fully comprehensive efforts of every school involved to make each student who enters their doors feel welcome and set up for success. Staff and faculty are passionate about their involvement and are fully connected to their school’s community. I know it is reassuring for each family member, friend and agent to see that their students will be in capable, caring hands.

I thank everyone who was a part of this tour for their time and efforts. This time touring such quality schools in Ontario and British Columbia has been one of the highlights of my role at ApplyBoard. I look forward to all future opportunities to collaborate.


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