How to make a career change

How to make a career change

How to make a career change


At some point, whether you like it or not, you may have to make a career change. This can be a very difficult thing to do, but with the right advice, changing your career could be the best decision you’ll ever make. With that said, we have created an easy guide on how to make a career change.


how to make a career change


Data based decisions

The most important decision when figuring out how to make a career change is to ensure there is a demand. There is no point investing time and money if the career you’re changing into is not of high demand. Take a look at Statistics Canada, refer to job bank or check out various job posting sites to see what skills and jobs are in demand. From there, you may choose your next step. This way you know there is likely a job waiting for you in your new career path. In many cases, starting a new career requires investment, and if further education is required, it’s vital you choose the right university for you.

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Have an objective

If you’re switching careers, you’re probably doing it for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  1. To go into an industry where you enjoy the work
  2. To have better pay or long term prospects
  3. Personal reasons related to health or family

In any such case, it’s important you define your objective and choose a career that actually achieves it. If you’re changing for financial reasons, ensure the new career is actually going to make you more money. If you’re looking for something that has less work and/or is something you enjoy, try to determine if you will really enjoy it for years afterwards. Ultimately, just make sure you’re able to achieve what it is you want to, and why you’re considering a career change in the first place.


Training / expertise

Not all jobs, but most jobs you’d want to switch into require some level of education, training or expertise. If you’ve already decided what kind of career you want to pursue, it’s important to seek out what training you can do to help with your transition. Unemployment rates are fairly low at this time. However, Canada is the second most populated country in the world, so there is no shortage of people with postsecondary degrees. As a result, this makes it incredibly important to ensure you’re probably trained or educated to be able to compete for those jobs. This is a crucial requirement for how to make a career change.



Regardless of whether or not you have a job lined up, if you choose to make a career change, you must update your network and make up for lost time. Having meaningful meetings and conversations is imperative in any industry, but even more important when you are changing careers. Attending networking events, industry events and conventions/training are great ways to establish yourself in the industry and set yourself up for long-term success.


Don’t burn bridges

If you make a career change, it is very important to avoid burning bridges in the process. To clarify, burning a bridge means to damage your relationship with someone or destroy an opportunity. If you’re quitting your existing job, ensure you finish 0ff strong and maintain any positive relationships you’ve built. This is important because you never know if you will come back to that career or not. Ever further, if you’ll cross paths with this individual in the future and will need their assistance with something. Sometimes your career change doesn’t go as planned, so it’s vital to ensure you have something to fall back on. Moreover, maintaining professionalism only strengthens your personal brand and again, you never know when life may circle back to your previous career. Not burning bridges is possibly the biggest tip we have on how to make a career change.


Think Long-Term

Finally, don’t make a career change simply for a short-term benefit. Ensure you’re doing it for your best long-term interests. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth your transition costs, and the opportunity cost could be very high.


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