Nepal: Programs with high and low Canadian student visa approvals

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Nepal: Programs with high and low Canadian student visa approvals


Applying for a school abroad may have its challenges, but it is the first step in the process towards a higher education. In order to get into Canada, you must apply for a student visa. Chances of successfully obtaining a visa depend on a wide variety of factors, such as nationality or academic history. Most notably, the Canadian government only approves the student visas for individuals who will actually benefit and thrive from studying in Canada. As a result, one of the most important factors that the Canadian government uses to evaluate student visa applications is what type of program you will be studying.

For Nepali citizens specifically, ApplyBoard has requested the data regarding visa acceptance and rejection rates from the Government of Canada.


1. Top 5 programs with the highest approval rates

Out of all the programs Nepali students applied for, those who want to pursue a doctorate, primary school, a master’s degree, other studies at a university (e.g. post graduate work) and a bachelor’s degree exhibited the highest approval rates for Canadian student visas.
















2. Programs with a high likelihood for rejection

These programs lacked much success for approval for Canadian student visas.















3. Top 5 programs with the highest rejection rates

Out of all the Nepali applications, those who wanted to pursue a college certificate, college applied degree, college diploma, other general studies, and a bachelor’s degree were rejected for their visas the most.
















4. Overall acceptance and rejection rates

Out of all applications to all educational programs in Canada, 76% of Nepali students were rejected for their visas and 24% were approved.















This data was received directly from the Immigration and Refugees Department in the Government of Canada.
ApplyBoard does not offer services for applying to the following programs:

  • Other studies
  • Vocational studies
  • Primary school
Other studies at a university may include, but are not limited to, post graduate work and continuing studies.





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