The Liberal Immigration Plan: Syrian refugees, permanent residents and more

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The Liberal Immigration Plan: Syrian refugees, permanent residents and more


The future for people wanting to become Canadian citizens is very promising. Canada has recently taken in many Syrian Refugees. There are changes being made to Canada’s immigration plan for 2016 is changing. The Liberal government is looking to take in a record number of new permanent residents in the near future. The government wants to stay away from the previous focus of having skilled labourers. Via Huffington Post

25,000 syrian refugees will be brought in by the end of this year.

Bringing in 25,000 government-assisted Syrian refugees by the end of this year has maxed out the immigration stream, leaving the private sector to offer vulnerable people from elsewhere in the world a chance at life in Canada.

Liberals want to triple the number of the spots available for private sponsors. They also want to increase spaces available for the family program to 82,000. The maximum under the Conservatives was 68,000. Increasing these two aspects is increasing the permanent residents this year to 305,000.  This is the highest amount in decades.

Immigration Minister John McCallum said this new plan was based off of Canada’s traditions of being a welcoming country.

“It outlines a significant shift in immigration policy towards reuniting more families, building our economy and upholding Canada’s humanitarian traditions to resettle refugees and offer protection to those in need,” said McCallum.

There were accusations that the government was prioritizing Syrian refugees over other issues. McCallum would not apologize for the fact that Canada is a world leader in Syrian refugees.

Canada has other commitments to specifics groups including, Congolese, Eritreans and Colombians. But there are only 25,000 spots on the government program which leaves no room for anyone but Syrians.

The head of the sponsorship agreement holders association says that the increase in intake for refugees is a positive thing.

Brian Dyck (the Mennonite Central Committee’s national migration and resettlement co-ordinator) hopes the government will work out the backup in private application to sponsor refugees from Africa while accepting Syrians as well.

 “There is a lot of frustration about the caps in the (sponsorship) community because we all get a lot of pressure from people to sponsor refugees from many populations and the interest in resettling Syrians through the (privately sponsored program) is growing as well,” he said.

Before there were no cut offs for Syrians or Iraqis but now it seems that there will be a maximum set this year.

“If they want to bring in 25,000 in short order, it would require some very fresh thinking,” he said of the Liberals.“The [Department of Citizenship and Immigration] is so tied up in its own paperwork they would somehow to have to find a way to bypass all of that stuff in order to bring in numbers like this quickly.” Tom Denton with Hospitality House Refugee Ministry. Via The Globe and Mail

“I think that what the government has failed to do today is explain how their immigration programs are going to affect the Canadian economy,” said Opposition critic Michelle Rempel

“Immigration policy isn’t made for today but for the future.” 

Last year, the Conservatives introduced the Express Entry program which was supposed to get more skilled labour to Canada faster. But this program is now going to be under review.

McCallum said the government intends to learn from the Syrian program when it comes to getting applications moving faster.

“If we can transfer the lessons learned from Syria to how to deal more quickly with caregivers and family class applications than we can make a lot of progress,” 

It seems that the future is promising for those wishing to enter Canada. Canada has always aimed to be a welcoming place for people of all nationalities, and that includes individuals for the work force, and for education.


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