Quiz: Which Study Country Are You Based on Your Personality?

Flag graphics of Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, and Australia are featured on a blue background. Two smiling women pose to the flags' right with tote bags and folders. The words "International Education Week" appear in the banner's top-left corner.

International Education Week (IEW) gives us an opportunity to celebrate diversity in the different cultures, languages, and experiences that make up global education. And what better way to celebrate than to take our special edition study country personality quiz? Find out if you’re easy-breezy Australia, mighty powerhouse America, or charming Ireland! 

Get ready by grabbing a pencil and recording your answer to each question. If you can’t find an answer that matches your personality, no worries! Just choose one that’s the most similar. Remember—this study country personality quiz is just for fun anyway. Ready? Let’s go! 

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An illustration of a yellow coffee cup with a coffee bean in the middle of it.1. It’s early in the morning, and you just woke up. What does your usual morning routine look like?

a) It’s a beautiful day for a brisk morning jog or hitting the beach! Then, I’ll grab a latte. 

b) I like to enjoy the fresh air with a forest hike before I fill up on pancakes and maple syrup. 

c) I like my mornings calm; I’ll grab a coffee while enjoying the sunrise, and have a full breakfast of fried eggs, potatoes, and sausage. 

d) My mornings start with a cup of tea or coffee while reading the newspaper. I savour the moment and enjoy the quiet.

e) I kick off the day with coffee and a scroll through the news or social media. Then, I might hit the gym for a quick yoga session. 

An illustration of an hourglass.

2. You enjoyed your morning so much that you lost track of time and are running late to work. What’s your plan of action?

a) I won’t stress too much. I’ll make up for lost time by working efficiently and grabbing a coffee to keep me going. 

b) I’ll rush to work and profusely apologize for being late. I’ll make up for it by staying a bit late, or ensuring I’m super productive. 

c) I’ll hurry up. Once I’m there, I’ll crack a joke or two to lighten the mood or have a friendly chat to diffuse the situation. 

d) I’ll rush to work, and apologize for my tardiness. I’ll spend the rest of my time focusing on getting my work done. I might offer to stay a bit later or find ways to make up for it. 

e) I’ll hurry to work, and send a quick text to inform my coworkers, making sure to catch up on missed work when I get there. I’ll make up for it by putting in extra effort. 

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Ilustration of a burger. 3. Hurray, it’s lunchtime! What are your plans, and what’s on the menu?

a) I’m heading to a local café or BBQ spot for a relaxed lunch with mates, maybe grabbing a classic meat pie or tasty seafood dish! 

b) I might go for a quick bite at a local diner, or grab a poutine or hearty sandwich while exploring the city. 

c) I’ll head to a cozy pub for a comforting meal with a few friends. I’m ordering some stew or a roast. 

d) My lunchtime will be spent in a local tea room or pub by myself, and I’ll order some soup or fish and chips. 

e) If there’s time left, I’ll grab some takeout, maybe a burger or a salad, before heading back to work. Otherwise, snacks will keep me going.

An illustration of a pink t-shirt. 4. Oh no! Your coworker accidentally spills their coffee on your shirt. What do you do?

a) No worries, accidents happen! I’ll laugh it off and try to clean up the spill while cracking a few jokes. 

b) It’s okay, accidents happen. I’ll reassure my coworker, grab a paper towel to clean it up, and carry on with my day. 

c) Not a bother! I’ll brush it off with a smile and move on.

d) I might say something like “Oh dear, never mind”, and sort it out. 

e) I’ll brush it off, downplay the inconvenience, and take care of it without dwelling on the accident. 

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An illustration of a celebratory cake. 5. Surprise! Your coworkers find out it’s your birthday today, and they have cake in the lunchroom and sing “Happy Birthday” to you. What’s your reaction?

a) Beaut! I’ll thank my coworkers, and enjoy the cake while engaging in light banter with everyone.

b) Oh! I’d feel surprised but grateful. I’ll thank my coworkers, enjoy the moment, and then happily have a slice of cake.

c) Ah, that’s grand! I’d thank my coworkers, maybe share some jokes, and then happily join in for cake. 

d) Oh, goodness. I’d offer a polite ‘Thank you’ with a smile, be slightly embarrassed, then join in for a slice of cake.

e) Awesome! I’m super surprised. I hope it’s my favourite!  I’ll thank everyone, then enjoy cake and good conversation. 

An illustration of a subway. 6. Your work day is wrapping up, and you’re all set to leave. What are your plans, and how are you getting home?

a) I might catch a few waves, or go for a run if the weather’s good, then grab a cold drink. To get home, I’ll hop in my car or take public transport. 

b) I’ll head to a local game or get a workout in before going home. I prefer my car or public transit to get around.

c) I’m going to meet some mates at the local pub for some good conversation and drinks, then I’ll take a leisurely walk or grab the bus home. 

d) First, I’ll stop at a cozy café or bookstore. I’ll probably take the metro, or walk home to unwind.

e) If I’m not still working, I’ll hit the gym, or grab a drink with friends. I’ll either drive or use a ride-sharing app to get home. 

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Illustration of groceries or food in a brown paper bag.7. You’ve made it back home! What are your plans to unwind, and what’s for dinner?

a) I’m going to catch a game of rugby or football on TV. For dinner, I’ll grill up seafood or have a BBQ with some mates.

b) If the weather’s nice, I’ll be on my deck or balcony, enjoying the outdoors. I’ll enjoy some split pea soup and a Nanaimo bar for dessert.

c) I’ll relax by reading a book or listening to music. Then, I’ll end my night with some shepherd’s pie or stew. 

d) Catching up on my favourite TV series and reading a book are my top ways to wind down, and I’ll be having bangers and mash for dinner. 

e) I’ll watch a new movie on Netflix, and probably order takeout for dinner.

An illustration of a clock radio with three 'Zs' over it to indicate sleep.8. You start to yawn and get sleepy. What’s your nighttime routine, and when do you go to sleep?

a) My nighttime routine is pretty simple. I like to do some light stretches and take a relaxing shower. I’m in bed by 9 or 10 PM. 

b) I’ll finish up my night with a light workout and catch up on some reading. I tend to be in bed around 10 or 10:30 PM. 

c) Reading and cozying up with some herbal tea. I tend to be in bed around 11 PM. 

d) I’ll slowly get ready for bed and take a hot bath. I might read a bit, then get to sleep around 10 PM. 

e) I catch up on the rest of my chores, then scroll through my phone before getting into bed by 11 or 11:30 PM.  

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Ready to find out which popular study destination you are? Here’s your answer! 

If you got…  

Mostly As: You’re Australia! You’re laid back, enjoy nature, and love a great time. Your adventurous spirit matches perfectly with Australia’s diverse landscapes and lively cultural scene.

Mostly Bs: You, my friend, are the epitome of a balanced and friendly individual, much like Canada. You embrace the great outdoors (no matter the weather), enjoy different cultures, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Mostly Cs: Ireland it is! You’re chatty and charming and appreciate serene landscapes and relaxed living. Ireland’s friendly culture, rich history, and warm community spirit make it a perfect match for someone like you. 

Mostly Ds: Are most of your answers D? If so, you’re probably drawn to rich history and cultural diversity, and would love a cozy day with a good book and some tea in the United Kingdom. The UK offers a blend of modernity and tradition, where you can enjoy historical landmarks, busy cities, and charming towns. 

Mostly Es: You are the United States of America! You’re energetic, multifaceted, and love a fast-paced lifestyle! From some of the busiest cities to breathtaking natural landscapes, the US is a great match for your dynamic personality. 


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