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5 More Outstanding Computer Science Programs in the US

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Computer science is a popular field of study that is relevant to almost any industry. As a growing field, it offers many job prospects to new graduates. Read on to learn about five more outstanding computer science programs in the United States!

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1. Undergraduate Foundation Program + Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

Explore Washington’s rugged landscapes and rich history while studying at one of its oldest campuses. Washington State University (WSU) has been recognized repeatedly at state and national levels for its safety, diversity, and technology. Here’s a rundown of the program’s degree type and costs:

  • Program Type: 4–12 month ESL program plus a 4–8 month pathway transfer to a 4–year bachelor’s degree
  • Average Cost of Living: US$12,114 per year
  • Tuition: US$27,732 per year
  • Application Fee: Free

WSU’s Bachelor of Science degree is a traditional computer science degree and requires basic and advanced computer science coursework. Also, students can further specialize their studies with classes in other areas, such as artificial intelligence, data science, high-performance computing, human-computer interaction, security, or software engineering. 

This program includes an ESL undergraduate foundation program that provides international students with high-quality English language support. 

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2. Bachelor of Arts – Informatics

Enjoy Iowa’s low cost of living, lush green fields, and peaceful communities while studying at the prestigious University of Iowa (UI). In addition to computer science, UI is known for its championship-winning sports teams, acclaimed academic medical centre, and excellent writing programs. Here’s a summary of this degree and its related costs:

  • Program Type: 4-year bachelor’s degree including an optional internship
  • Average Cost of Living: US$11,780 per year
  • Tuition: US$30,036 per year
  • Application Fee: US$80

UI’s Informatics program combines computational sciences with the arts and humanities, using algorithmic techniques, computing and manipulating data, and examining new and existing perspectives to solve problems. This course prepares students for graduate studies in a variety of disciplines, including linguistics, health informatics, music, and more. The program also offers an internship opportunity.

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3. Bachelor of Science – Computing Security

Live in the bustling city of New York while studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). This institution is known for its engineering, computing, and technology programs. Here’s a quick look at the computing security degree costs:

  • Program Type: 4-year bachelor’s degree including 8 months of co-op
  • Average Cost of Living: US$15,000 per year
  • Tuition: US$53,720 per year
  • Application Fee: US$65

RIT’s Computing Security Co-Op program provides students with a solid foundation in programming and mathematics, plus eight months of co-op work experience. This program also covers advanced topics in areas such as digital forensics and malware, software security, privacy, and cyber analytics and intelligence. RIT offers accelerated dual degree options for undergraduate students with outstanding academic records.

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4. Bachelor of Science – GIScience and Environmental Data Analytics

Study abroad in the Diamond State, with popular historical landmarks and beaches to enjoy near the University of Delaware (UD). Committed to excellence in graduate and undergraduate education, research, and service, UD provides a number of computer science programs. Here’s a look at this program’s degree type and costs:

  • Program Type: 4-year bachelor’s degree
  • Average Cost of Living: US$16,008 per year
  • Tuition: US$34,160 per year
  • Application Fee: US$75

UD’s GIScience and Environmental Data Analytics program teaches computer science, electrical engineering, geography, and mathematics in a core curriculum that builds strong skills in handling large geospatial and environmental data sets. Some areas of study include cybersecurity, data mining, and environmental data science.

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5. Bachelor of Science – Mathematics and Computer Science (College of Computing and Digital Media)

With its famous architecture, popular cuisine, and vibrant music scene, Illinois offers international students a lively place to study at DePaul University in Chicago. This institution is praised by Forbes and The Princeton Review as one of the best colleges in the Midwest. Let’s look at the program’s degree type and costs:

  • Program Type: 4-year bachelor’s degree
  • Average Cost of Living: US$18,500 per year
  • Tuition: US$41,361 per year
  • Application Fee: Free

This Mathematics and Computer Science program is designed to prepare students for careers and graduate studies in areas like software development, theoretical computer science, graphics, and artificial intelligence. Learning outcomes include modelling a computation problem, selecting appropriate algorithms and data structures, and analyzing the efficiency of a computational solution mathematically.

The computer science field is constantly growing and offers plenty of career opportunities. If this area of study sounds like it’s right for you, these programs can help you pursue your career goals.

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