To the Bold, We Salute You!
Celebrating the International Study Community

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At ApplyBoard, we’re proud to be a part of an international study community of leaders, dreamers, and innovators who are building the future. From the 400,000+ international students we’ve supported, to our 1,600 Partner Schools, to our recruitment partner network of over 10,000 professionals, that community is continually growing. 

We can’t wait to see where the education sector goes in 2023 and the years to come. This International Education Week, we wanted to celebrate the people who have built this community.

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The Students

International students are why this community exists. Whether you came from a small town and wanted to study in a big city, or went from downtown life to a remote research opportunity, over 6.1 million post-secondary students worldwide crossed a border to study in 2019. Pursuing international study takes those who are bold, spirited, and not afraid of a challenge. It also changes lives. 

Studying abroad can build your global network, open new career paths, boost future earnings, and help you pursue causes and ideas that matter. In fact, one study found that 85% of study abroad alumni felt their studies helped build valuable work-related skills.

When asked why she became an international student, STEM for Change scholarship winner Mercy has an inspiring answer:

As a Nigerian, I’ve wanted to change my environment since I was 10 years old. My desire became much stronger during my first degree in 2014, when a project on water contamination was assigned to me. Then my eyes opened to the pollution and contamination in the environment around me. This water contamination can lead to death, however, if properly treated it can be avoided. At that point, I became keen to effect a positive change in my environment. Studying STEM became a way to acquire knowledge and increase our chances for a better world … Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment gives me the opportunity to become a researcher, an innovator, and an educator.

It’s also heartwarming to see international students become leaders on campus. When the ApplyBoard blog team caught up with Kasun, currently studying Environmental Engineering as an international student, we learned he was volunteering with the university’s buddy program as a Global Ambassador. “Our role,” he explained, “is to help students who need to integrate themselves into a new environment while studying to perform at their highest level. It can be challenging for new students, but once we guide them, it doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge at all.”

Visit our blog to learn more about campus buddy programs!

These are just two examples of students who care deeply about their home and study communities. They’re using their education and the skills they’ve learned from studying abroad to make the world a better place. We’re grateful to be part of their journey! Hear from more students in our video below:

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The Partner Schools

ApplyBoard is also proud to work with institutions who welcome students from around the world to study on campuses in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. From the first institutions who signed up during ApplyBoard’s start-up days, to the ones who have just joined, we’re constantly inspired by the work you do to educate the next generation of leaders. 

International students bring a wide range of perspectives and lived experiences to campus. Having them in a student body can also challenge assumptions, help peers and instructors see things from new perspectives, and even lead to incredible innovations on campus and beyond.

From reviewing applications together to meeting up over coffee at a conference, we’re always glad to connect with you. Sending out a huge thank you to the thousands of education professionals we work with. Whether you’re coordinating co-op terms, teaching Economics, or sending out letters of acceptance, your work makes a difference and positively impacts so many students.

Check out our Partner School Spotlight blog series for a closer look at our Partner Schools.

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The Recruitment Partners

As a company aiming to make international education more accessible, a key part of building that access is having trusted partners where future students live. These professionals understand the local education system and speak one or more of the local languages. Their hard work and unique perspectives make it possible to reach students even in remote parts of the world.

The ApplyBoard team thoroughly screens everyone who partners with us to ensure quality and professionalism across our network. These recruitment partners (RPs), also known as advisors, offer application support to prospective students. In turn, ApplyBoard supports RPs by providing current industry data, tools, and a streamlined application experience on the ApplyBoard Platform. Throughout the application process, ApplyBoard and RPs work together to help students apply to programs that match their academic goals. By referring students to suitable institutions and programs, our Partner Schools get high-quality applications from students excited to study there. And it’s a successful formula

As our co-founder Meti Basiri shares: “When schools, recruitment partners, and students can all work together towards a common goal on the same platform, everybody wins.”

Learn more about recruitment in our Recruitment Partner Q&A blog!

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Our Team

Looking closer to home, our last group to celebrate are the 1,500+ ApplyBoard team members located around the world. Almost half of our staff work on the front lines in Customer Experience. They guide students, recruitment partners, and schools through applications, and ensuring the information on our platform is accurate. Other team members are designers, coders, planners, relationship builders, and dreamers—all united by our mission to #EducateTheWorld.

Our Senior Manager of Learning and Development, Gwen Brambilla, puts it best:

What I love most about ApplyBoard is the people. I’m fortunate to be part of an incredible team who are dedicated and passionate about our mission to not only educate the world, but to educate our ApplyFam. I’ve also [built] relationships with so many amazing people from different teams located around the world.

Interested in joining the ApplyBoard team? See open roles on our Careers page.

From first year students to faculty, web developers to recruitment partners, everyone in our international study community makes a difference. Thank you for being bold. For taking a chance, for extending a hand to someone new, and for encouraging innovation and diversity. For everything you do to make our campuses and communities grow and thrive.

Thinking about studying abroad? Reach out to ApplyBoard! We’ll connect you with the people and resources you need to succeed.


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