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Ways International Studies Can Boost Your Resume

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If you’re wondering whether or not studying abroad is beneficial to your career, the answer is yes! You gain many practical skills as an international student which are applicable in the workplace. Some of which you wouldn’t otherwise have gained had you not chosen to pursue international studies. Adding these skills to boost your resume may also help open the gates to your dream job. Studying abroad is one thing that truly sets you apart from other candidates.

Below is an overview of some of the key skills you’ll gain studying abroad which will boost your resume.


When you choose to study abroad, you often choose to do it independently, leaving behind familiar faces such as your close friends and family. This forces you to step outside your comfort zone, meet others and sort through situations on your own. Though you may not feel comfortable initially, you adjust quickly and develop a sense of independence. You learn to look after yourself. This also builds your confidence.


When you mention to employers you’ve studied abroad, this shows you’re able to engage new situations and adapt to new lifestyles. You also gain the ability to be flexible when faced with challenging or unfamiliar situations. Adaptability is something all employers look for in applicants. A candidate who thrives in a fast-paced and ever changing environment, who has a tolerance for ambiguity, is a strong one.

Cross-cultural communication

Studying abroad can greatly improve your cross-cultural and interpersonal skills. Being immersed in a different culture gives you the opportunity to interact with local individuals and gain an appreciation for the culture. It also opens your eyes to the way another culture may communicate, behave and dress, building a tolerance and better understanding cross-cultural differences. You have a broader outlook on things. In addition, this skill shows you may have foreign language experience. There is a constant demand for employees who know multiple languages, increasing your changes of securing a good job.


One thing you certainly master is the art of multitasking. Between adjusting to the culture, trying to learn the new language, understand the public transit system and more, you practice juggling multiple responsibilities daily. This skill particularly is suitable for many roles such as project management. Having mastered multitasking, you show your time management strengths and also prove to the employer you are able to manage stress.

Critical thinking

When you enter a new country, you’re faced with a number of cultural differences. The way of living is likely entirely different than your own. As you adjust, you must learn how to handle certain situations. You’ll develop an open and international mindset, changing your perspective on situations and in turn, strengthening your problem-solving skills. You learn to think on your feet, meaning to act decisively and effectively without any planning, and also to think outside the box, meaning to think from a new perspective and unconventionally.


In addition to the skills mentioned above, studying abroad shows you have no fear in taking initiative and pursuing new experiences. This demonstrates to employees you are okay with experiencing something completely unique and foreign, even if it means feeling discomfort at any point. Further, you’re recognized as a resourceful individual. Initiative and leadership are critical skills necessary for nearly all jobs.

Studying abroad impresses many future employers and gives you something interesting to talk about in an interview. You’re faced with so many different situations, both good and bad, that translate to both situational and behavioural interview questions. It proves you are independent, adaptable, understand cross-cultural differences, are a strong multitasker, a problem solver, and take initiative in various situations. These skills alone present a single individual as a strong candidate for many roles.
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Adrianna Dyczkowsky, Public Relations Specialist at ApplyBoard


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