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Careers to Consider in 2022: The United Kingdom

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If you’re unsure of the career path that you’d like to follow after graduating and want a bit of inspiration, look no further. In previous weeks we’ve explored in-demand careers in Canada and the United States and the post-secondary programs that will help you land these roles. Today, we’re heading across the pond to look at five more popular and rewarding careers and master’s courses in the United Kingdom that offer their own great incentives. 

Follow up with the ApplyBoard blog next week as we explore more dynamic and sought-after careers to consider in Australia.

A photo of Teesside University's campus. 

Data Scientist

Artificial Intelligence with Data Analytics (Optional Placement)  | Teesside University

1–2 Year Master of Science

If you’re a curious individual with an aptitude for critical reasoning, then a career as a data scientist could be the perfect fit for you. Data scientists analyze, process, and model data and then interpret the results to generate actionable plans for organizations and companies to scale their businesses and resolve their challenges. 

If this sounds like a career you would like to pursue, then Teesside University’s Artificial Intelligence with Data Analytics master’s course could be a great option for you. This course brings together several fields, including:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computer science

You’ll also strengthen your professional and practical abilities through a work placement, where you’ll have the opportunity to gain real-world work experience.

By learning to uncover and analyze these data insights, graduates will go on to help organizations solve complex problems. 

A photo of the University of Essex's Colchester campus.

Courtesy of Visit Colchester.

Business Operations Manager

Master of Business Administration (MBA)  | University of Essex – Colchester Campus 

1-Year Master of Business Administration

Business operations managers are leaders with excellent communication and delegation skills. They hire, train, and supervise employees at small and large organizations, strategize process improvements, and manage quality assurance. Ultimately, business operations managers are responsible for maintaining and increasing the efficiency of an organization. 

If you’re eager to contribute to the productivity of an organization, then the University of Essex’s one-year Master of Business Administration master’s course could be a great choice for you. This course provides students with an understanding of:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Strategic marketing
  • Sustainable operations

Graduates will have developed the specialized skills to help any organization run efficiently and effectively.

A photo of the University of Westminster's Cavendish Campus.

Data Architect

Big Data Technologies  | University of Westminster – Cavendish

1-Year Master of Science

Data architects design blueprints for data management systems. After analyzing a company’s prospective internal and external data sources, they create a plan to incorporate, centralize, maintain, and protect them. This allows an organization’s employees to access crucial information efficiently. 

If you’re interested in a career in this exciting and rapidly expanding industry, then the University of Westminster should be at the top of your list. Its one-year Master of Science in Big Data Technologies equips students with:

  • An understanding of big data systems architecture
  • Highly marketable, hands-on skills required by the core technologies utilized in big data projects

Pursuing a career in this field will open a wide range of employment opportunities in healthcare firms, large educational entities, computer manufacturers, insurance companies, and software corporations.

A photo of Abertay University.

Information Security Analyst

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security  | Abertay University

1-Year Master of Science

Do you possess strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills? Then you may want to consider becoming an information security analyst. Individuals in this role are responsible for designing and implementing IT security systems to safeguard an organization’s computer networks from cyber attacks. This industry is experiencing a major skills gap, making information security analysts one of the most in-demand roles in cybersecurity. 

If you’re interested in this career, then you should consider studying at Abertay University. Its one-year Master of Science in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security provides students with an understanding of:

  • Digital forensics
  • Penetration testing
  • Malware analysis
  • Information security management
  • Buffer overflows
  • Port scanning
  • Password cracking

Choosing a career as an information security analyst will keep you on your toes, and graduates will have no trouble quickly finding employment in this in-demand field.

A photo of Lancaster University campus.

Electrical Design Engineer

Electronic Engineering  | Lancaster University

1-Year Master of Science

If you’re passionate about electrical engineering developments such as wireless wearable technology, smart grids, and electric vehicles, then a career as an electrical design engineer could be the perfect fit for you. Electrical design engineers use their material sciences and physics knowledge to generate solutions and provide maintenance and installation services to current electrical systems.

If this sounds like a career you would like to pursue, you should consider enrolling in Lancaster University’s Master of Science in Electronic Engineering. This course will teach students how to: 

  • Program advanced microcontrollers
  • Design microstructures for advanced displays and sensors
  • Build control loops and develop associated software
  • Design RF circuits

Graduates of Lancaster University’s Electronic Engineering course have gone on to practice their passion by contributing to electrical engineering developments on a global scale.

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