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Capital City: Winnipeg
Manitoba is one of three Prairie provinces and is located in the centre of Canada bordered by Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Hudson Bay and the United States. For many years, most Manitobans were of British origin. But changes in migration and immigration patterns have produced a province where no ethnic group is numerically dominant.

In Manitoba, you can relax on a beach by the lake, enjoy the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, watch thoroughbred horse racing at Assiniboia Downs, fly-fish at a wilderness lodge, or spot polar bears in Churchill during their annual migration. The province is also home to the International Peace Garden – the world’s largest garden dedicated to world peace.

About 60 per cent of Manitoba’s 1.178 million people live in metropolitan Winnipeg, the provincial capital. The second largest city of the province is Brandon, located in the southwest. The name Manitoba likely comes from the Cree words “Manitou bou”, which mean “the narrows of the Great Spirit.”

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