Top 10 highest paying jobs in the USA

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Top 10 highest paying jobs in the USA


There are so many different type of jobs in the world! The United States Labor Statistics made the  May 2014 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. This list was based on information from jobs in 2014. came up with a summary of the top 10 jobs from the full report. This post is based on the summary by So take a look at the Top 10 Highest paying jobs in the USA!


10:  Airline Pilots & Co-Pilots
Average Wage: $131,760

Being a pilot can be a stress but enjoyable job. A pilot is the person who flys the plane from point A to point B. Pilots need to have good computer skills so they are able to check the weather patterns and the daily flight planes.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in an aviation field
  • an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate
  • many hours of flying experience

* Note: Also you will need specialized training in specific tools and devices. You are required to have regular physical and mental testing. It can take up to 10 years or longer to be a pilot making this amount for money.

9: Lawyers
Average Wage: $133,470

Lawyers are involved in a lot of things, purchasing a house, prosecuting and defending criminals, as well as writing a will! You may practice criminal or non-criminal law when in court.

Job Requirements:

There are more then more than 135,000 practicing lawyers working in California and New York alone!There are more than half a million lawyers in the USA workforce.

8: Computer & Information Systems Manager
Average Wage: $136,380

IT managers manage many IT support staff members as well as planning and implement a company’s IT strategies.  The direct computer related activities within the company. They help determine goals and plan strategies to meet those goals.

Job Requirements:

  • bachelor’s degree in a computer or information science field
  • several years working in IT support.

There are more IT managers in California than in any other state in the USA.

7: Natural Sciences Managers
Average Wage: $136,450

A Natural Sciences Managers are supervisors who look over a group of scientists in fields, such as biology, physics, and chemistry. They will work in a lab and also in an office. You could work in sectors like state government, educational institutes, insurance and aerospace.

Job Requirements:

  • bachelor’s degree in a scientific field
  • several years of workings in labs

*Note : state government and educational institutes make lower than the average wage and insurance and aerospace earn a higher wage than average.

6: Marketing Managers
Average Wage: $137,400

A Marketing Manager is the one who manages the marketing aspects of the product and business.

Job Requirements:

  • usually a bachelor’s degree in marketing
  • years of experience
  • a well designed portfolio

Marketing managers who work in oil and gas extraction are paid the most. Managers who work in financial services are also paid above average.

5: Architectural & Engineering Managers
Average Wage: $137,400

An Architectural & Engineering Manager make plans, direct employees and coordinates activities in the company. Managers who work in the oil and gas industries make more than the average wage.

Job Requirements:

  • bachelor’s degree at minimum
  • experience working in the industry.

Alaska, Texas and California have  the top-paid architectural and engineering managers.

4: Petroleum Engineers
Average Wage: $137,400

Petroleum Engineers design the equipment that is used to extract the oil and gas. Then need to do this task in the most affordable way possible. They develop plans to make sure they can extract the most amount of oil possible.

Job Requirements:

  • bachelor’s degrees in petroleum engineering
  • work in co op programs

Texas has the most petroleum engineers.

3: Chief Executive Officers (CEO)
Average Wage: $180,700

A CEO has the responsibilities to manage and lead a team of employees, as well as being a decision maker for a company.

Job Requirements:

  • bachelor’s degree
  • MBA
  • on-the-job experience

It is not necessary to have years and years of schooling to be a CEO, job experience is key! California has the most CEOs out of any state in the USA.

2. Dentists & Orthodontists
Average Wage: $170,940 (Dentists), $201,030 (Orthodontists)

Dentists and Orthodontists make their living by working on teeth! Dentists clean your teeth, fill cavities and will diagnose you with any dental problems you may have. Orthodontists are the doctors who apply your braces and help fix any irregularities like an overbite or underbite.

Job Requirements:

  • around eight years of education
  • must pass written /hands-on exams.

There are more than 90,000 general dentists in the USA and there are only a bit  more than 5,500 orthodontists in the USA! California has the highest number of orthodontists in the USA.

1:  Doctors & Surgeons
Average Wage: $234,950

The highest paying job in this top 10 list are Doctors and Surgeons!  Doctors treat everyday life injuries and illnesses. Doctors usually have regular long term patients. Surgeons will diagnose and treat a more severe injury or illness. Surgeons are the people who perform the actual surgeries on patients.

Job Requirements:

  • bachelor’s degree
  • a medical school degree
  • three – eight years of working in residency


There are many different types of doctors and surgeons; Anesthesiologists, Family and general physicians, General internists, General pediatricians, Obstetricians and gynecologists, and Psychiatrists.

Anesthesiologists have the largest wage: $246,320/year
Surgeons: $240,440/year
Obstetricians and Gynecologists: $214,750/year
Family and General Practitioners: $186,320/year


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