Dependents of International Students in Canada

Many students who apply to study in Canada have dependents they hope to bring abroad with them. This includes a spouse, partner, or in some cases, children. Not everyone is aware of the benefits and challenges that exist with including dependents on student visa applications. There are many factors to consider prior to your decision of bringing family abroad with you.

Hari Ghai, ApplyBoard’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), speaks about this topic in depth. Whether you hope to learn about the types of dependents or what is available to them, ApplyBoard is here to help. In addition to dependents, Hari explains the impacts of adding family to an application. It’s critical for applicants to be mindful of their applications. It’s possible for visa officers to have doubts and suspect the applicant’s primary intention is not to only study in Canada. If worries about visa rejection arise, Hari provides ways in which best to avoid such outcomes. Finally, the video discusses the age restrictions of dependent children as per Canadian Immigration Law.

Learn about all the specifics in this video! Do you have any questions regarding the subject specific to your personal situation? Perhaps you have a question that was not addressed in the video? Please be sure to contact ApplyBoard here.