How Does ApplyBoard Help Students?

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If you’ve found this blog, you may have some big questions about ApplyBoard and how ApplyBoard helps students. 

“Is it really free for students to use?”
“Can I use it to find a study abroad program that suits my needs?”
“Can I apply to that university or college online in the same place?”
“Will ApplyBoard connect me with a local advisor to guide me?”
“Is my chance of getting accepted higher if I use ApplyBoard?”

Good news. The answer to all those questions is “yes.” Keep reading for more information about ApplyBoard and how we help international students like you achieve their study abroad dreams. 

ApplyBoard is Made for International Students

Our company’s story begins with brothers Martin, Meti, and Massi Basiri, who created ApplyBoard. Their goal was to simplify the study abroad process by connecting international students, student advisors, and academic institutions all on one platform

Today, ApplyBoard is partnered with over 1,750 primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland. And, we’ve helped over 600,000 students in their study abroad journeys, including Kasun and Arabelle

Interested? Here are five ways ApplyBoard helps students in their journey abroad.  

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1. Finding Your Best Fit

ApplyBoard can help you find your best study abroad fit with our AI-powered platform, saving you time and money. We’ve created three free approaches to help you apply to your university or college of choice. Choose the role that suits you best: 

  1. Researcher: Compare 140,000+ programs on ApplyBoard’s easy-to-use platform 
  2. Innovator: Answer some questions to get personalized recommendations
  3. Connector: Talk to an in-house study abroad expert

If you’re looking for direct local support to guide you more closely, we can also connect you with experienced advisors in your home country.

Regardless of which route you choose to find your dream university or college, ApplyBoard will help you achieve your goals in a way that works for you. In fact, students who apply using the ApplyBoard Platform have a 95% acceptance rate into universities and colleges. 

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2. It’s Free to Use 

As part of our commitment to students, the ApplyBoard Platform is completely free for students to use. That means you can register for an account and start exploring study abroad options, right now, at no cost. The only upfront payments you’ll make are any application fees to universities and colleges you choose to apply to.

We take pride in keeping our technology free for students since we understand how the cost of studying abroad can easily add up. We believe education is a right, not a privilege. Our goal is to make a high-quality education as attainable as possible for students everywhere. 

We also help our partner colleges and universities by providing qualified students and enriching on-campus diversity. 

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3. Checking and Submitting Your Documents

It can be time-consuming and frustrating to organize multiple applications and send them to different academic institutions all on your own. We know how important it is to ensure your applications are in excellent shape to give you the best chances of being accepted. 

That’s why ApplyBoard’s AI-powered platform and team of experts provide support with every step of the way by:

  • Reviewing your applications 
  • Making sure all documents are submitted
  • Ensuring your applications reach the institutions right away, so they can make their acceptance decision quickly 

By choosing ApplyBoard, you can spend less time sorting through documents and paperwork and focus your efforts on more important matters (like finding institutions that are the right fit for you). 

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4.  Knowledgeable Advisors

It’s normal to have lots of questions and concerns as you start the process of applying to institutions abroad. That’s why it’s important to have access to advisors you can trust to help guide you. The partner advisors that work with ApplyBoard are vetted by our team and have lots of experience with institution requirements, application documents, student visa-related inquiries, and more. Their job, and ours, is to guide international students like you to success. 

Our advisors help make ApplyBoard accessible and easy to use. They’re passionate about helping students and have the expertise and knowledge to guide you in the right direction, supported by plenty of innovative tools and helpful resources. 

ApplyBoard partners can also access big data tools like our innovative Canada Visa Calculator. It can help determine the likelihood of a student’s approval rate for a Canadian study permit (student visa). 

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5. Supporting Your Time Abroad 

Your journey isn’t over once you’ve enrolled at an academic institution. From the plane ride to the visa interview, moving in, attending your classes, and onwards,  we want to make sure you make the best of your study abroad experience. 

That’s why we provide support and recommendations to make your transition as seamless as possible. You’ll always be able to communicate with someone on our team to answer any questions or support you through bumps you may face along the way. 

On our blog, we also frequently post about helpful topics for international students, with advice ranging from career and resume tips to student visas and study advice. And, we cover the serious topics you need to know about, like government-related news impacting international students, but we also have fun content like interactive quizzes and local travel recommendations.    

By streamlining the study abroad experience on one platform, we help students connect with a world-class education and promote diversity on university and college campuses around the world.

Try it for yourself: Use the platform today to find an institution that’s the best fit for you.   


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