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Meet Nita Thomson, ApplyBoard Project Manager Extraordinaire

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Meet Nita Thomson, Project Manager extraordinaire at ApplyBoard! Nita joined us on our mission to Educate the World back in 2019 as a Project Coordinator in the Office of the CMO. She quickly moved up the ranks, being promoted to Project Manager in just five months.

Nita recently sat down with us to share her Life at ApplyBoard. Read on and watch the video below to learn about Nita’s journey so far:

A Warm Welcome

First impressions are important, and Nita received a warm welcome on her first day at ApplyBoard. “When I first stepped into the office, I was greeted by so many people,” Nita recalls. “It was just so welcoming. My manager, the CMO of the company, was kind enough to introduce me to every single one of our team members at ApplyBoard.”

Nita quickly took advantage of the many clubs on offer to get to know ApplyBoardians outside of her team and department with a shared interest. The array of clubs are as diverse as the members who comprise them.

What was the first club Nita joined? Dog Club, of course! “I was so excited when I found out that we actually have a Dog Club at ApplyBoard!” Nita is the proud owner of Dundee, a beautiful Cane Corso, so she immediately felt right at home in this club. One of her favourite ways to unwind is to take Dundee for long walks on one of the many trails close to her home.

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Building a Strong and Diverse Team

As a Project Manager, Nita has been given the opportunity to build and grow a team of diverse individuals who are as passionate as she is about breaking down barriers to education for students from across the globe.

Nita recognizes the importance of nurturing her working relationships with the members of her team, and their relationships with one another. “I try to get close to my team and know them better,” Nita explains. “Once a week we schedule a half-hour tea break. It helps my team to bond in a very genuine way, which yields better relationships and better teamwork.” 

“And, who doesn’t love tea time?” she says with a laugh.

We couldn’t agree more! ☕

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