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ApplyBoard is a well-positioned leader in a growing market and we will continue our strong performance through our innovative software and services. We have decades of experience helping students, recruiters, schools and institutions grow and optimize their businesses.

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How ApplyBoard works with recruitment partners

1. Complete an application & pay the associated application fees

Our universal application means it will work for all schools. Submit it along with the application fees for each school that you are applying for.

2. We review & submit the application(s) to schools

We ensure your application is not missing anything and then submit to our partner schools to request Letters of Acceptance (LOA).

3. Get acceptance through ApplyBoard

There is a 95% acceptance rate through Applyboard. When we get the LOA, we will notify and forward you the admission package.

4. Apply for your students’ visas

Once you receive the admission package, get in touch with your student to assist with their visa application and travel documents.

5. Receive commissions

2-3 days after confirming the enrolment of your students, you will receive your commission.

I have been working with ApplyBoard for 2 years and absolutely love the platform they designed. It is a great website to use which helps me apply for my students for multiple colleges or universities. People behind Applyboard are awesome.
Kanwarjit. L
Managing Director @ ADMIRE Immigration Services
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