These are the most in-demand jobs in the U.S.

in-demand jobs in U.S.

Most in-demand jobs in the U.S.


Whether you’re a recent graduate or a current student, choosing the right career path can be daunting. We’re halfway through 2018. This means there’s plenty of insight as to which jobs are booming and which ones are on their way out. Compiling data on salary, advancement opportunity and job openings, these are the most in-demand jobs in the U.S. for 2018.


  1. Medical Professionals

in-demand jobs: medical professional

According to LinkedIn’s data scientists, the growing trend of jobs in the medical field is here to stay. Positions such as medical directors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and roles in healthcare management have become increasingly in-demand. In fact, the total number of nurse practitioners grew 10.4 percent between 2015 and 2016, and is expected to rise as the population grows. It’s also predicted within the next ten years, there will be at least 67,000 physical therapy jobs available, which is a 28 percent increase in positions.


  1. Software Engineering

in-demand jobs: software engineer

It’s no surprise in our increasingly tech-driven world, the need for those to help build it would also rise. Over the past five years alone, the amount of roles in this industry has grown 22 percent. Aside from software engineering and testing, application software developers and computer system managers are also becoming increasingly popular in-demand.


  1. Economics and Business

in-demand jobs: business and economics

As our global economy grows, so does the need for people to manage it. In the process of baby boomers (people aged 54-78) retiring, the need for financial advisors climbs. Employers in the U.S. are estimated to hire more than 40,000 financial advisors within the next ten years. Perhaps you enjoy playing with numbers or working with others on various projects. In this case, business analyst, account manager and investor are great career options! If you prefer to focus more on urban development, on expanding regions through evaluating, planning and creating policies, you may prefer economic development roles, which include analysts, management and tourism roles.


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  1. Marketing and Public Relations

in-demand jobs: marketing and PR

Within the last six years, marketing, media and public relations roles have grown more than 49 percent. Not to mention, the government also predicts these roles will continue to grow as more companies and brands look to expand their reach online with new-age advertising methods, including through social media. Marketing directors, social media specialists, market researchers, and public relations managers are all major roles within this industry.


  1. Statistics and Data Science

in-demand jobs: statistics and data science

Our internet habits are very valuable to brands and governments looking to know more about how people spend their time. This results in large amounts of data used to create better plans for economic development, health and transportation services, and education, to name a few. By organizing and processing data, statisticians and actuaries can find patterns and make realistic predictions for providing recommendations to improve cities, companies and governments. With the growing U.S. population, it’s no wonder this field expanded more than 59 percent within the last six years.


  1. Information Security

in-demand jobs: information security

Due to the immense amount of data breaches within the last couple of years, information security jobs are now some of the most integral roles of society. Reviewing job growth development in the U.S., SmartAsset, an online financial advisor, found roles in this sector are expected to grow by 28 percent from 2016 to 2026. This could also be due to the increasing threat of hackers and the demand for data protection.


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