Here’s why you should study abroad in Boston

Study in Boston

Why you should study in Boston


Boston, Massachusetts — USA’s most popular student hub, and home to a couple of the most distinguished universities in the world: Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The city embodies a young, diverse and energetic vibe, and attracts top students from all around the world creating a large international student community. This alone makes Boston a hotspot for students as they’re able to quickly meet others who are experiencing the same process of adjustment. Whether in class or walking down the street, many of the students will be from different countries. Even so, locals are friendly and keen on showing new-comers around. 


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The historic city combines the busy, fast-paced atmosphere in major cities such as New York, with tranquility and green space. Some might say it’s a big urban city with a small town feel. It’s filled with some of the largest companies, many of which offer student internships and job opportunities, and a large variety of institutions. Yet students can stroll across the city and down the European-style brick sidewalks without having to rely on transportation. There’s a variety of entertainment including restaurants, cafes, street musicians and museums, however students also have the option to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a nice afternoon by the water. Perhaps a student has an interest in sports — Boston has a wonderful sports community. Everywhere you go, there’s something happening.


Transportation is in some cases a concern when travelling. How do I use the local transit system? Does the city have a local transit system? Do I need to purchase or rent a car? These are just some of the questions that may run through your mind. Need not worry! Boston has an incredible public transportation system, making it convenient to get from point A to point B. A number of options exist for commuting in Boston. The “T” for instance is known as the high speed subway. There are also city buses and a Commuter Rail for those looking to travel outside the city.  

Alternatively, many students favour cycling around the city. As an international student, you most likely don’t have your own bicycle. Boston has a pay-as-you-go bike sharing program you can take advantage of, or even borrow a ZipCar, Boston’s car sharing program. In most North American cities students take advantage of Uber and Lyft as they are easy-to-use mobile apps, but the costs can eventually add up.


Students truly get the best of both worlds in Boston, making it an ideal setting for students. 


On a similar note, perhaps there are concerns about accommodations. Do I live on-campus or off-campus? How do I search for off-campus housing? Boston isn’t a cheap city to live in, however similar to most big cities, there are ways around it. To live on-campus during first year is always recommended as it’s the best way to meet other students, and also provides meal plans. However, if off-campus housing is your preference or you’re a returning student, the best way to budget is to live with other students. Schools most often have off-campus housing suggestions, but you may also do a simple Google search. To learn how to search for student accommodations online, watch ApplyBoard’s instructional videos here.


To study at an institution in Boston means to study in one of the most popular cities in the country, something many employers admire. There’s no doubt the price of attending a school in Boston will be expensive, however don’t forget, many institutions offer financial support through student loans and scholarships. It’s best to contact your school regarding this.


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Adrianna Dyczkowsky, Public Relations Specialist at ApplyBoard

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