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Why you should consider attending Summit Preparatory School


Given the current model of education, if you find yourself falling behind and unable to rise back up and rediscover your academic passions, you are not the only one. When it comes to your studies, there are a wide variety of reasons that may cause you to feel overwhelmed. It is not uncommon for students to have test anxiety stopping them from writing an exam, or problems at home that distract their focus. Often, schools have a hard time finding the resources that help everyone be successful. Summit Preparatory School provides an alternative model of education that combines a therapeutic approach to your well-being and an individualised plan for your secondary studies. At Summit Prep, it is their firm belief that everyone can develop themselves into the best person they can be if they are placed in a compassionate and caring environment. Surrounded by nature, Summit Prep takes advantage of their outdoor location and opens up opportunities for students to discover themselves and the world around them.


Unique therapeutic approach

The most unique aspect of Summit Prep is that it values the well being of its students beyond academics. With a full team of teachers, therapists and health care professionals, you will receive an individualised plan that is made especially for you, the student, to be inspired to have healthy relationships and to live a satisfying life. Overall, Summit’s team looks for underlying issues that interfere with a student’s personal life, and looks to address these issues through varying types of therapy. Afterwards, students are provided opportunities for learning and as a result, are able to develop stronger life skills. Since each student is unique, each plan is tailored for every individual, and is continually evaluated and changed so that the student is benefited the most.

The most common therapeutic approaches include but are not limited to the following:

  • Behavioral – Designed to make people think and feel differently
  • Cognitive – Designed to allow people to identify and modify thinking patterns that cause problems
  • Interpersonal – Designed to rework past difficulties in relation to relationship building
  • Family systems – Designed to increase independence from family while improving relationships with them
  • Medical – Designed to provide a psychosocial treatment

To find out more about Summit Preparatory School’s therapeutic philosophy, please follow this link.


Academic structure and offerings

Accredited by the Montana Board of Public Education, Summit Preparatory School serves about 50 students from grades 9 to 12. Every teacher is passionate and certified in the subject they teach, and dedicate a significant amount of their time to inspire students academically. The school is structured academically into quarters with each student taking 3 courses per quarter, 75 minutes long, 5 days a week. This structure is designed with the purpose of providing time to explore the outdoors and execute the treatment plan for each student.

Overall, Summit Preparatory School prepares you, the student, to pursue all pathways of post-secondary learning, with a focus on college. Summit Prep offers courses in the following fields:

  • The Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Foreign Languages
  • Fine and Practical Arts
  • Health Enhancement

If you want to explore a course beyond the offerings of the school, you have the opportunity to study with an accredited secondary program hosted by a university and proctored by a faculty member for understanding and completion. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to earn credit with community colleges before studying at a post-secondary institution. In addition, Summit Prep offers a plethora of unique courses that enrich a student’s experience such as:

  • Language Arts
    • World Literature
    • American Literature
    • British and International Literature
    • Creative Writing
    • Women’s Literature
    • Native American Literature
    • Environmental Literature
  • Social Studies
    • Global History
    • U.S. History
    • Atlantic History
  • Science
    • Oceanography and Geology
    • Astronomy
    • Field Science
    • Animal Science
    • River Ecology


Educational philosophy

At Summit Preparatory School, it is their firm belief that learning is all about the student. With a student-centred learning model, each teacher assesses the strengths and next steps for you. From this assessment, educational goals are set in place to address your unique talents and interests. You are given the opportunity to direct your own learning and take control of your academic pathway. The central goal is to challenge you to become the best person you can be while being engaged in your studies. Classes are usually 10 to 14 people which allows teachers to spend time with every student and focus solely on their growth. Parents receive weekly progress reports as well as current grades. Summit Preparatory School dedicates itself to remaining transparent with all parties involved, so that everyone can make educated choices for success.


Why you should consider attending Summit Preparatory School

Summit Preparatory School is unique in the sense that it truly cares about all aspects of your life and learning. With both personal and academic issues considered, personalised plans for your growth are set in place to maximise chances for life success. As a result, you as a student are rigorously educated on how to be successful no matter where you go, especially if you are looking at a possibility of college. Summit Preparatory School’s provision of educational, disability and mental health resources ensures that everyone is taken care of and has a bright future of ahead of them. You are taught strategies on how to be independent and push through adversity outside of school, which serves as essential life skills moving forward. Furthermore, with a diverse student body and a beautiful landscape, Summit Prep students can take advantage of the unique cultural and environmental experiences that can only be offered by Summit Prep’s program and location.


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