Routes to Canada: Temporary vs. Permanent Visa

To have the opportunity to come to Canada is very exciting. The country presents itself as a wonderful destination and welcomes individuals from all countries of the world. Whether your plan is to pursue higher education in Canada or to become a permanent resident, you must first apply.

Hari Ghai, ApplyBoard’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), provides information on the different types of visas available to migrate to Canada. The information below can help you determine what type of visa best suits your specific situation.

Temporary routes

If you intend to come to Canada for a short time either as a visitor, worker or student, you can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). If you are considering a TRV, below are the types of visas that fall under the temporary route.

Visitor Visa

Someone who is travelling to another country for pleasure, business or to visit family may apply for the Visitor Visa.

Business Visa

Someone who comes to Canada specifically for business activities, such as to meet others from a certain company or to observe a site visit. In this case, it may not be necessary to get a work permit to come to Canada, but rather a Business Visa.

Student Visa

If you are a student seeking higher education in another country and plan to return home immediately after, it’s necessary for you to obtain a Student Visa.

Permanent routes

If you plan to move to Canada with your family and intend to make it your permanent home, you can apply through a number of different visas. Below are the types of visa programs that fall under the permanent route.

Skilled Migration Program

Through the Express Entry Program, skilled workers are chosen as permanent residents based on their age, education, relevant work experience, language ability, and other factors.

Business/Entrepreneur Program

Individuals with an intention to start a business in Canada may apply for permanent residency through the Business / Entrepreneur Program. The business must have a positive impact on the economy. These individuals have the ability to manage their business, and create employment opportunities for local residents. Applicants must have enough funds to invest in a business, language skills and experience in the industry.

Family Program

It’s common for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to have family abroad who they wish to bring to Canada. The Canadian government presents the Family Program designed to reconnect separated family and friends. Learn more about dependents, the benefits and challenges that come with bringing family abroad with you.

Investor Program

The Investor Program objective is to have business people with previous experience contribute to Canada’s growth and long-term success through investments to Canada’s economy. These investments are put towards various projects to develop Canada’s economy and create jobs for five years. The investment is returned around five years after payment, without any interest. Individuals must show they have business experience, can invest C$800,000 and have a net worth of a minimum of C$1,600,000 gained legally.

Farming Program

The Farming Program is specific to individuals who are in the farming industry. The individual must be a farmer or own a farm in their home country. In addition, the individual must have investment capacity to purchase a farm in Canada. Only then can he or she can apply for permanent residency through the Farming Program. The most popular Canadian locations for this type of visa are ManitobaAlbertaSaskatchewan or Prince Edward Island.

Refugee Program

Canada recognizes every individual’s right to safety and protection from persecution. To be granted permanent residency as a refugee, an individual must have a legitimate fear of persecution. The persecution must be based on a number of reasons such as race or political opinion. Only then will the individual receive refugee status.

For any questions or concerns regarding visas to Canada, be sure to contact Hari Ghai directly at hari@applyboard.com. 

Adrianna Dyczkowsky, Public Relations Specialist at ApplyBoard