Orientation Day

If the campus you are going to attend offers an orientation day, we really advise you to attend it! There is so much valuable information available on this day.  The college/university has most likely sent you an information package stating the orientation day dates and necessary requirements.

Orientation day is a great way to become familiar with your campus as well as meet some new people! The school you are going to be attending wants you to become comfortable with college life before you arrive for your official first day of school. This day gives you the chance to make new friends, meet your roommates, tour the campus and purchase textbooks!

The main focus for orientation days is the campus tour! Someone from the school; usually an alumni student, or a student who has attended the school before, will show you and a group of other new students all the important places located on campus.

The  Campus Tour Guide will show you:

  • Classrooms
  • Where you can get food
  • The Book Store – (where you can buy your textbooks.)
  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Student union
  • International office – (a great source of resources for international students)
  • Health center
  • Tutor center
  • Resource Centers

Note: Locations will vary depending on the college/university.

If you have any questions throughout the tour, be sure to ask! The guides will be happy to answer your question and show you any other location that you are interested in seeing on the campus tour. Usually the tour guides are previous, or current students! They are sure to know of all the great things on campus and they can tell you all about what it’s like to be a student at the college/university.

Aside from a campus tour, if you are going to be living on campus you will most likely get a tour of the dorm rooms as well.

On orientation day you will be doing much more than just walking around the campus. This is a busy day filled with information. On this day you will get your student ID, listen to speeches from teachers and students, and talk to new students!

Another big thing that you will earn about are the rules and school policies. Be sure to listen careful to this information. The rules and regulation will likely be posted online as well as on campus for you to review.

Besides all the tours and overload of information, schools may provide students with a meal on this day and there may possibly be fun activities for you to enjoy as well!

That’s a lot of information to take in, all in one day! If you happen to forget something that you were told on orientation day, or have thought of any other questions be sure to ask your teachers or go to the help center on campus.

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