Reasons to Arrive Early to Your Host School

It’s typical for students to take a look at their upcoming class schedule to help determine when they should arrive on campus. Returning students may have little to do to prepare for the new term. First year and international students on the other hand will benefit from an early arrival. Before you decide to book a flight to arrive right before the start of classes, read below on ways you can benefit from booking one at least a week in advance.

Move-in day

If you’ve chosen to live in one of your host school’s on-campus residences, move-in day is most likely scheduled before the start of classes. Typically, one week before the start of the term, universities and colleges host an orientation week. During orientation week, a couple days are dedicated to helping move in new students into their residences to take the ease off. The remainder of the week is spent connecting students with their roommates or floormates, giving students a tour of the campus and its facilities, social events and more. If you’ve chosen to live off-campus, it’s still much less hectic when you give yourself a few days to move and get settled in.

Purchase any necessities

Set aside some time to find a local mobile phone plan (ensure your phone is unlocked prior to your arrival). With a local phone plan, you can communicate with your friends and family back home while also connecting with students at school! In addition to this, you’re going to want to open a student bank account to store your Canadian money safely. You can also dedicate time to purchase other supplies you may need such as school and kitchen supplies, toiletries, snacks, perhaps bedding – things you didn’t pack with you from home.

Explore your neighbourhood

Now that you’ve comfortably settled into your new home, go out and explore your new neighbourhood! Get familiar with the city you’ll be calling home for the next little while. This is the time to discover a nearby shopping centre, local restaurants, perhaps a cool cafe and other entertainment. You can even begin to test out the local transit system, this way by the time school begins, you’re free of any confusion or frustration.

Rest and fight your jet lag

You’re most likely battling the inevitable jet lag. Jet lag is a term best described as extreme tiredness and fatigue experienced after a long flight over a number of time zones. It’s said that your body needs one day for each hour of time difference. For example, there’s a difference of six hours between Toronto and France. In this case, an individual may spend six days adjusting to the time difference; one hour per day. This may not be the case for everyone. Some have their own ways of adjusting to jet lag! Either way, it’s best to give yourself time to adjust and rest up before the start of the term.

Make new friends

There are many things to do when you arrive as listed above, however don’t forget to socialize! Other international students have likely chosen to arrive on campus early for the same reasons. Many local students including orientation week leaders, athletes and employees also tend to arrive before the start of the term. It’s a great idea to get to know both international and local students!

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Adrianna Dyczkowsky, Public Relations Specialist at ApplyBoard