Engineering Part 2: A Spotlight on 6 Master’s Courses in the UK and Australia

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Engineers enhance the human experience through innovation and the creation of new technologies. Last week we explored six exceptional engineering programs in Canada and the United States. Today, we’re looking at six engineering master’s degree courses in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia. If you’re looking to take on a leadership role in this ever-growing industry, then pursuing one of these master’s degrees could help you achieve your career aspirations.

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United Kingdom

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Electronic Engineering (Optional Placement) | De Montfort University Leicester 

1-Year Master of Science

De Montfort University Leicester’s one-year Master of Science in Electronic Engineering provides students with the expertise to excel in an in-demand industry on the global stage. It combines students’ undergraduate knowledge of electronics with energy business environments and energy studies, ensuring students gain a solid grounding in 21st-century electronic engineering. If you’re looking to strengthen your professional and practical abilities, you can take advantage of the industry placement opportunity to gain real-world work experience in a year-long placement. Students will benefit from the course’s accreditation from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), which provides them with a streamlined path to professional registration. 

Graduates of the Electronic Engineering course have gone on to find work in the electronic, automotive, IT, gaming, telecommunication, and power industries. 

Engineering Management with Industrial Practice | University of Greenwich

2-Year Master of Science

Engineering Management with Industrial Practice is a two-year Master of Science from the University of Greenwich’s Medway Campus. If the idea of the traditional MBA degree doesn’t excite you, then this direct and concentrated course might be the perfect choice. Students will benefit from a year of study, followed by a one-year sponsored internship which will set them up for success in the workforce. Through this unique opportunity, students will learn to analyze the needs of the engineering and manufacturing sectors.  

By merging their practical and theoretical knowledge, students will be better able to examine: 

  • Supply chain management 
  • Global engineering 
  • Sustainability 
  • Finance 
  • Business planning 

Once they receive their diplomas, graduates will be ready to tackle roles as operations, architectural, construction, and engineering project managers. 

Automotive Engineering  | Loughborough University

4-Year Master of Engineering

Automotive Engineering is a four-year Master of Engineering from Loughborough University. As one of the country’s highest-ranking universities, its unique course offerings prepare students for leadership roles in the world of automotive engineering. With a focus on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), this course will equip students with comprehensive knowledge of engineering science applied to automobile design, development, and manufacture. Students will take their theoretical knowledge for a test drive by comparing actual vehicle behaviour with simulation models. They will also have the exciting opportunity to be a part of a student-led team that will design, test, and race a new Formula student car.

Many graduates of the Automotive Engineering course have gone on to find employment with vehicle manufacturers, motor sport teams, tire manufacturers, and oil and fuel companies. 

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Mechatronic Engineering | University of Wollongong

 2-Year Master of Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering is a two-year Master of Engineering from the University of Wollongong. Students will explore the latest developments in nanotechnologies, electro-mechanical interfacing, and control systems. This course will help them develop the applied competencies and specialist skills required to be a professional engineer. Students enrolled in this course will study: 

  • Research methods
  • Engineering computing
  • Advanced robotics
  • Engineering workplace practice
  • Project management
  • Innovation and design
  • Professional communications

Graduates of the University of Wollongong’s Mechatronic Engineering course have gone on to find employment with Clearpath Robotics, Academy of Robotics, Earthly Dynamics, LLC, and Festo, among others.

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Renewable Energy | Australian National University

2-Year Master of Engineering

The Australian National University, the highest-ranking Australian university in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, offers a two-year Master of Engineering in Renewable Energy. This course prepares students for leadership roles in the world of renewable energy, and helps them become proficient in integrating renewable energy and renewable and non-renewable resources. This course will equip students with the skills to tackle interdisciplinary problems while simultaneously providing advanced technical knowledge in renewable energy. The Australian National University values work integrated learning, which it delivers through a group project, as well as exposure to professional practice throughout the course. 

Renewable Energy graduates have gone on to work as energy consultants, carbon sales advisers, solar panel equipment engineers, and energy auditors.

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Master of Engineering | University of Canberra

2-Year Master of Engineering

The University of Canberra’s two-year Master of Engineering course provides students with the advanced skills and knowledge to effectively take on a senior role within their specialization. The university allows students to exercise real-world problem solving through work integrated learning opportunities. This practical work experience will help students strengthen their capacity to meet the demands of the telecommunications and information sectors and start to grow their professional network. Students will also have the chance to pursue a major research project, which will see them build and implement a top-tier information system for real-world use.

Graduates of the Master of Engineering course have gone on to find work in the fields of systems engineering, structural mechanics, aerodynamics, and system architecture.

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