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Looking for an education loan to study abroad? A student loan is an investment in your future success. If you dream of studying abroad, let the experts at ApplyBoard support your journey.

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Why Get an Education Loan Through ApplyBoard?

We’re experts in all things study abroad, and we can provide an education loan to study abroad in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, or beyond. Here’s why choosing an ApplyBoard Student Loan is a great choice:

No collateral.*

That means you won't need to let us hold something valuable of yours to get the loan.

No proof of funds.

No need to show us your bank statements; we trust you!

Extensive expense coverage.

From your student laptop to your living and travel expenses, we’ve got you covered.

Best industry rates.

Rest easy knowing you’re getting the best rates on the market—as low as 9.5 percent.*

No EMI payment period.

We’re in no rush. You’ll have up to 2.5 years* to get your finances in order.

Repayment flexibility.

There are no penalties if you choose to pay your loan off early.

* Evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Our Global Banking Partners


When you're applying for a Canadian study permit, it's important to show you've got the financial backing to support yourself during your studies.

Luckily, international students can make their study permit application even stronger by adding the trust and security of a digitally verifiable Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from RBC or TD Bank. It’s like having a reliable buddy in your corner, saving money for your Canadian study adventure! 

TD International Student GIC Program

Expedite your study permit application with a verifiable GIC from TD, a top 10 North American bank.

RBC International Student GIC Program

Strengthen and streamline your study permit application with a GIC from RBC, Canada’s largest bank.

Tuition Payments Made Easy

Speed up the application process with quick and reliable fee payments from Flywire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Find the answers you need below

This depends on several different factors. Here are some of the general documents that may be needed:

  • Identity verification documents
  • Proof of address
  • Academic records
  • Financial documents

The following factors can affect your loan amount:

  • Academic records
  • Work experience
  • Entrance test scores
  • Reputability of your chosen academic institution
  • Employability
  • Support systems

Keep in mind that the country you want to study in and your age are not factors that affect your loan amount.  

ApplyBoard Student Loans will cover your living and travel expenses. This includes items such as housing, utilities, food, transportation, and more.

Students can apply for study loans without collateral. The amount limit can increase or decrease, depending on the applicant’s and co-applicant’s profile, country, and program of study.

Providing collateral is optional in most cases, but it can help you in many ways. Collateral can include fixed deposits, property, or other funds, and help make the loan secure enough for banks. If collateral is attached to your loan, you have a higher chance of approval with lower interest rates. Sometimes, rejected loan applications can be reopened by providing collateral.

Collateral can either be moveable (meaning a fixed deposit) or immovable (like property). Many different forms of collateral can be used.

Without collateral, students can apply for study loans of up to INR 1 CR or 100,000 USD.

We’re partnered with top banking institutions, so our approval timelines can be as short as 30 minutes to 48 hours. In special cases, however, approvals can take up to 7 business days.

We can start your loan as soon as we get proof of your application to your institution of choice. Then, you can expect a loan sanction/approval letter before receiving your acceptance letter from the institution. This ensures you’re covered financially and can plan your study abroad journey with peace of mind.

Yes, you can pay off your education loan early if you want to. In banking terms, this is called a “pre-payment of a loan” which means clearing the loan before the stipulated period of time. There are no penalties for closing the loan early. This also means that you don’t have to pay extra interest for the rest of the loan period.

The interest rate depends on your profile. It ranges from 9.5% to 13.99%. We compare your options with different banks in the loans market to ensure you receive the lowest interest rate possible.

That’s not a problem. You’ll just need to change the name of the institution you’re attending in the Approval/Sanction letter. Then, you’ll need to connect with your ApplyBoard dedicated loan manager and place a change request.

If your loan is rejected, we’ll provide you with feedback and assess the possible reasons for your rejection. Once we’ve addressed and corrected those reasons, we can apply again.

Banks generally offer a repayment period of up to 15 years, excluding the Moratorium Period. Requests can be made to increase the repayment period in special cases.

If you’re an applicant from India, you and your co-borrower are entitled to tax benefits on interest paid on education loans, under Section 80-E of the Income Tax Act.

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