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Discover Study Abroad Opportunities in Australia

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. It offers an unbeatable study and living experience where students have the opportunity to get a world-class education, gain meaningful employment experience during and post-study, and enjoy an excellent quality of life, all in one place.

Access ApplyBoard's Exclusive Study in Australia Guide

Check out our Study in Australia Guide to get a complete overview of Australia as a preferred destination for higher education. 

Know more about topics like the education system in Australia, Immigration and Visa processes, post-graduation work and study, etc.

What You'll Find Inside

Australia Application Process

ApplyBoard in Australia: Recruitment Partner Training

Learn why students choose Australia as a top study destination, how to get enrollments, and how to complete successful school and visa applications.

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Learn About Australian Partner Schools at Top Recruiters Workshop Virtual

Many Australian Partner Schools will be presenting during ApplyBoard’s Top Recruiters Workshop (TRW) Virtual. Register for a session to learn about the campus, admission requirements, popular programs, international student support, and much more!

In Conversation with Partner Institutions

Learn more about top programs, application process, scholarships, and more.

How the Australian Application Process is Different from Canada, the UK, and the USA