Core Values in Action: Caitlin Quigley Embodies Taking Ownership

A photo of Caitlin Quigley during her Core Values in Action: Taking Ownership interview.

We’re officially at the halfway point in our Core Values in Action series! This year, ApplyBoard is placing a special emphasis on our six core values and the ApplyBoardians who are dedicated to them.

Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight Caitlin Quigley, Accounts Receivable Analyst. Caitlin truly embodies Taking Ownership in everything she does. Her manager, Tanya Dias, Associate Director, believes that “Caitlin’s attention to detail compliments her proactive approach and naturally elevates her level of responsibility.” She goes on to say that Caitlin’s “skillset and commitment to her role and to ApplyBoard as a business is why Caitlin exemplifies Taking Ownership.”

Keep reading and watch the video below to learn what Taking Ownership means at ApplyBoard and how Caitlin really walks the walk.

What Taking Ownership Means to Us

As ApplyBoardians, Taking Ownership is central to everything we do. You may be wondering what Taking Ownership looks like in action. To us, it means we act on behalf of the entire organization, step up to be part of the solution, and hold each other accountable to our goals. One way we achieve this is through goal setting. Team members regularly work with our leaders to set meaningful and attainable personal goals that tie into our six company-wide BOARD goals.

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What Taking Ownership Means to Caitlin

As an Accounts Receivable Analyst, Caitlin’s been managing the financial transactions that occur in the recruitment partner e-Wallet since 2021. Through her involvement with sales promotions, institution contracts, and accounting, Caitlin works cross-functionally with many ApplyBoard teams. Darryl Jam, Director of Finance, underscored the importance of her role. He shared that “without Caitlin’s efforts, we wouldn’t be able to credit and subsequently pay our recruitment partners for their earned commissions on student enrollments and GICs.” 

To Caitlin, Taking Ownership means:

Taking initiative and not waiting for others. It means not being afraid to fail. Maybe you don’t have the ability to make big changes yourself, but present your ideas, big or small, to those who can. And seize all of the learning opportunities that are presented to you! That’s how you take ownership.

Caitlin believes in being proactive in her role. She makes a conscious effort to anticipate roadblocks so that she’s in a suitable position to respond if need be. Tanya shared that “Caitlin’s unafraid to take accountability for anything that comes her way and brave enough to say, ‘I will take ownership of this and deliver the necessary information required.’”

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How Caitlin Demonstrates Taking Ownership

Caitlin helps to ensure the launch of each new promotion for ApplyBoard’s recruitment partners goes smoothly. “She goes above and beyond to ensure creativity, like encouraging RPs to buy event tickets with ApplyCredits,” explains Darryl. Caitlin’s approach allows her to address challenges creatively, and provide innovative and effective solutions. 

She also demonstrated this can-do attitude after a group of ApplyBoardians found themselves in meetings that were the same structure but which included different people. To resolve this, Caitlin and the group created a series of terms and conditions templates that were selected based on a set of criteria. These templates were adopted by other teams, who can now action their campaigns much faster. This streamlined process has provided some of ApplyBoard’s teams with the tools they need to work more efficiently, go to market faster, and ultimately ensure the success of our company BOARD goals. 

Caitlin’s ability to identify a process gap, combined with her drive to make the necessary changes a reality, makes her a standout ambassador for Taking Ownership. Tanya shared this sentiment, saying that “upon presenting the initial opportunity, she’s already taken the preliminary steps to put her idea into motion, which for any leader is an absolute dream!”

ApplyBoard is able to Educate the World because of team members like Caitlin. Her commitment to making everything she touches better is why she shines in a crowd. Thank you for Taking Ownership in all that you do, Caitlin. Keep shining! 

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