Meet the International Students Working at ApplyBoard

ApplyBoard is known for its dedication to international students. After less than 5 years on the market, ApplyBoard has helped over 80,000 students on their education journeys. The company was even founded from the experiences three brothers had while applying to schools abroad.

Believe it or not, our connection to international education runs even deeper than that. A recent staff survey found that at least 30% of the ApplyBoard team have been international students at some point in their education.

We know very well that these memories help form who we are, and make us intimately familiar with ApplyBoard’s mission. We spoke with a few team members to hear more about how their experiences have shaped them:

Photos of Alecs Romanisin in front of a castle in the UK and on a dig in Greece

Who: Alecs Romanisin, Communications Coordinator
Where They’re From: Canada
Where They Studied Abroad: The UK and Greece

“Studying abroad was important for me because it challenged my own perceptions of history, culture, and how borders and social boundaries shape our physical worlds. When your classmates have different perspectives, or you interact with local people, it really gets you thinking about something in a new way. I think it enriches your perspective and how you approach things.

My two experiences felt very different from one another. My first was at an archaeological field school in the United Kingdom, and the second was doing research for my thesis in Greece. When I went to the UK it was a bit like dipping your toes into the pool before you dive right in; the school arranged airport pickup, we had help with applying for our student visas, the predominant language was English, and we had orientation activities to help us ease into things.

When I went to Greece, however, it felt a lot more like jumping directly into the pool; I was alone, I had never learned modern Greek, the script was different that the Roman script used in English, the weather was much hotter, and I could immediately sense some cultural differences (pharmacies are closed one day a week, and just my luck, I arrived very sick on the one day they were closed).

Going abroad really forces you to think about your inner self and your identity. It can make you think about things you may never have had to think about before. To put it simply, going abroad makes you a new person.

Even though you may sometimes experience culture shock or things that are different from what you are accustomed to, I would never trade my experiences abroad. I think about all the different experiences ApplyBoard students will have – the different climates they will encounter, the different foods they will try, the people they will meet, and the lessons they will learn, both in class and in their personal lives. And that thought excites me.”

Cait Woodcock with arms spread in the UK

Who: Cait Woodcock, Communications Team Manager
Where They’re From: Canada
Where They Studied Abroad: The UK

“I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that valued travel when I was young, but when I became a student with a tight budget, travel wasn’t as easy an option. I decided to study abroad for a term to help satisfy that travel itch in a way that was more financially viable for me. I have family in the UK and had visited before, so I was interested in studying there to spend more time where my Dad’s family is from.

I went to take courses towards my English Literature major and had an amazing time learning about some iconic British authors in their home country. Because of the UK’s class structure and schedule, I also had Fridays and Mondays off, which meant I was able to do some traveling as well as studying! I did a tour through the Scottish Highlands, went to Dublin, Ireland, across the channel to Paris, and spent several weekends in London visiting friends.

Because I did just one term abroad, I was lucky to have a fairly easy application process compared to many ApplyBoard students. Still, there were a lot of deadlines to keep track of, paperwork, planning, time, and expense to make it all happen. I think my experience has given me a bit of insight into the complexity that goes into the decision to study abroad, and has helped me be empathetic when serving our students.”

Photos of Damilola Adeleke in an office and Toronto skyline

Who: Damilola Adeleke, Student Support Officer
Where They’re From: Nigeria
Where They Studied Abroad: Canada and the UK

“I decided to study abroad to access better education, discover new cultures, and explore the opportunity to migrate. The process was initially overwhelming because I had to take in and make sense of a lot of information.

I paid an agent to help process my UK applications, but I stopped working with her because she insisted on only applying to schools she was partnered with, rather than my choices. Within a week on my own, I received my offer letter and prepared to travel.

A friend of mine helped me with my applications to Canada, and I ultimately settled on Ontario. After receiving my acceptance offer, the visa process took so long that I missed my start date and had to start the process all over again. Fortunately, I landed at Conestoga College in Kitchener-Waterloo.

I feel connected to ApplyBoard’s approach to providing education to everyone in the world. I love their focus on taking away the burden of the application process by simplifying information. I also like the fact that there’s a Post-Decision Team to help communications between students and the schools. I believe that if I had applied to schools through ApplyBoard when I was a student, I may have had a less stressful experience and saved money.”

Jai Kapoor with friends and Canada flag

Who: Jai Kapoor, CX Coordinator
Where They’re From: India
Where They Studied Abroad: Canada

“After graduating from an international university, I wanted to study Propulsion Engineering, which is not available in Canada, and only available at five universities in the world. I was preparing my applications when I saw a quote from Elon Musk that changed my life. He was asked when he was going to hire people from countries outside the US, and he explained that policies made it too difficult.

I had been advised to consider Canada as a study abroad option, so I focused my attention there instead. With my initial program unavailable, I applied for a Business program.

The process was tedious and stressful. I had money stolen and faced difficulties, but I applied for my visa under a very special case and got accepted. I can thank Canada for breaking me out of my shell, preparing and teaching me every day, and making me a happier person.

My experience as an international student has been really beneficial for my role at ApplyBoard. Coming from India, the largest source country for international students coming to Canada, I have a strong understanding of the whole process. As a multilingual person, I can help many students in a way that’s really fulfilling.”

Jobanmeet Kaur by river and trees

Who: Jobanmeet Kaur, Academic Evaluation Coordinator
Where They’re From: India
Where They Studied Abroad: Canada

“I decided to study abroad because I was unhappy with the rigid Indian education system, and felt underwhelmed by the absence of growth opportunities in the region. The opportunities in Canada are endless and everyone gets a fair share of what they deserve, along with an overall better standard of living. I decided to move to Canada for a better future.

Ultimately, I did my Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and loved every bit of it! Every day was a new challenge and a great learning opportunity. It never failed to amaze me. I highly value my time at the university and will cherish it for as long as I live.

The process of deciding on a school was challenging – there weren’t many credible sources of information that helped me compare schools or programs. I feel so emotionally attached to ApplyBoard’s mission and vision because I have been through this process myself. I have experienced the pain every international student goes through firsthand, and know what role our platform plays in changing their lives.

When I was told about the platform on my first day at ApplyBoard, I was teary-eyed. How I wished ApplyBoard existed when I was applying for my programs! I am glad that I can contribute to helping others have a smoother ride.”

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