Core Values in Action: Nadine Murray is Helping Students Achieve Success

A phot of Nadine Murray during her interview for the Helping Students Achieve Success video.

Throughout 2023, we placed a special emphasis on our six core values and some of the ApplyBoardians who truly embody them. Today, we’re wrapping up our Core Values in Action series with Nadine Murray, Associate Manager – Application Journey. Nadine has been Helping Students Achieve Success at ApplyBoard since 2019. Steve McCalla, Head of Customer Experience, shares that “Nadine’s curiosity allows her to challenge the status quo. She’s not willing to accept something unless she truly believes that it’s going to lead to the desired outcome of Helping Students Achieve Success.” 

Keep reading and watch the video below to learn what Helping Students Achieve Success means at ApplyBoard and how Nadine exemplifies it.

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What Helping Students Achieve Success Means to Us

As ApplyBoardians, Helping Students Achieve Success is at the heart of everything we do and is foundational to our other company core values. So, what does this value mean to us? We always strive to make students’ dreams come true, impact their lives in a positive way, and connect students with the best schools and programs for them.

Nadine’s Day-to-Day Impact

Nadine is an associate manager on the Application Journey Team. This team helps the students ApplyBoard works with secure the best chance of a successful enrollment, including:

  • Ensuring students are eligible and qualified for their program
  • Reviewing and submitting their applications
  • Following up with our partner institutions about their decisions
  • Sharing the institution’s decision 
  • Informing students about their next steps (if they’ve received an offer) and how to fulfill their conditions, which involves paying their tuition deposit, accepting their offer, and filing for their visa

As an associate manager, Nadine’s responsibilities can look different from day to day. Ultimately, she ensures her team knows what their goals are for the day, that they feel confident in their work, and have the necessary resources to be successful. 

Nadine shares that her days “often include organizing my team in terms of high-priority tasks. This could be prioritizing a submission deadline, coordinating urgent applications, connecting with schools, or ensuring that we’re responding to our students and recruitment partners’ questions in a timely manner.” At the heart of these responsibilities is Nadine’s desire to help international students reach their dreams.

Deloitte has ranked ApplyBoard as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies for five years in a row, but this is the first year we’ve been named to their distinguished Enterprise—Industry leaders category!

What Helping Students Achieve Success Means to Nadine

For Nadine, Helping Students Achieve Success means “keeping the student front of mind with everything that you’re doing… remembering that for every application and all the work we’re doing in a day, it’s always leading to help a student.”

The guiding principle of student-centric decision-making helps to ensure that each choice Nadine or her team members make is the right one for that student. This commitment also directs her team’s continuous improvement. Whether processing more applications than the day before, cultivating strong relationships with academic institutions, or promptly responding to students and recruitment partners, every action is purposeful. As Nadine affirms, “Helping Students Achieve Success guides the work that myself and my team does, because we focus on what we can do each day to improve.” 

Steve explains that “Nadine is able to look at her and her team’s performance and determine: is there a better way that we can do something tomorrow compared to yesterday?” He went on to say that “because of that, she’s able to push herself and her team to find if there’s another way or opportunity that we can help our students achieve success.” 

One of countless examples is when Nadine collaborated with our Partner Relations and Sales Teams, as well as one of our partner institutions, to alleviate a bottleneck and streamline the application process for an in-demand program. Nadine and her team took it a step further to also consolidate and send the partner institution a list of qualified students to further expedite their review process. Nadine explains that this improved process led to students receiving a decision on their application in approximately seven days, instead of several weeks or even months.

Nadine’s focus on improvement serves as a testament to her dedication to the student behind each application, and demonstrates her commitment to making education more accessible for all.

Thank you, Nadine, for your tremendous efforts in ensuring students have the best possible chance of successfully enrolling in their program of choice. Your dedication and efforts play a vital role in helping ApplyBoard on our mission to Educate the World! 

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