Employee Spotlight: Jobanmeet’s Joyous Journey at ApplyBoard

Written By: Jobanmeet Kaur

For me, ApplyBoard has become synonymous with the word “joy.” Not only is this the name I got here, but it also is the feeling it gives me when I think about ApplyBoard and my journey so far. My name is Jobanmeet Kaur, and this is my Life at ApplyBoard!

ApplyBoard team member, Jobanmeet Kaur

Jobanmeet at the ApplyBoard HQ in Kitchener, Ontario

My Professional Journey at ApplyBoard

With two master’s in engineering and years of research experience, nobody expected me to take the path I chose when I joined ApplyBoard. However unusual and unexpected, this journey has been supremely rewarding. 

During my studies at the University of Waterloo, I took courses in entrepreneurship and innovation. For one of my projects, I submitted a business model and value proposition very similar to ApplyBoard’s. It was then that I got to know more about ApplyBoard’s Co-Founder and CEO Martin Basiri and his entrepreneurial journey. As I learned more, the vision of the company and its growth intrigued me so much that I knew I had to be a part of it. 

ApplyBoard teammates during holiday gift exchange

Joy with her CX teammates during the Christmas gift exchange.

I began my journey at ApplyBoard as an Application Evaluation Coordinator on the Customer Experience Team, and it’s been an interesting journey to the role I am in today. From the beginning, I have been a very engaged member of the team and went out of my way to contribute, which has allowed me to access many new opportunities within the organization. When ApplyBoard planned to open a secondary office in India, I got the opportunity to train the new hires and build the office from the ground up. After returning home from India, I started in my new role in the company, within our Sales Enablement Team. 

I have had the opportunity to work in various departments at ApplyBoard, which has allowed me to see first hand how every little effort in each team intricately weaves together to help achieve the ultimate goal of helping students realize their dreams. My first role on the Customer Experience Team taught me diligence, patience, and perseverance. However, the biggest learning happened when I started working closely with our Co-Founder and CMO, Meti Basiri, to get the India office on its feet and train our new employees. Meti has the power to light up any corner of the world with his positive energy and the team in India sure felt it. Over this unprecedented year, we have all been in awe of his brilliance and commitment. I look up to him as a mentor and am super impressed with his ability to keep his calm under the most testing situations.

ApplyBoard staff in office

Joy with Meti Basiri and other teammates at the ApplyBoard India office

ApplyBoard’s Sales Enablement Team

My current role at ApplyBoard is as the Sales Enablement Specialist on the Sales Enablement Team. The Sales Enablement Team is a highly collaborative team working tirelessly to boost ApplyBoard sales and accelerate growth. We are a small but mighty unit composed of people with diverse academic backgrounds, all creating magic together. We have enough autonomy to perform our jobs effectively and be appropriately involved in decisions that define the direction of our projects. My work on the Sales Enablement Team suits me perfectly, as no one day is like another and I tend to look at every new challenge as a new avenue of growth. 

Sales Enablement is a fairly new field in general, and our team is one of the newest in the company. Our team was built remotely, but if you look at how close we are, you’d never believe this connection was all developed virtually. We gracefully handled working across time zones while I was under lockdown in India and continue to effectively collaborate by understanding and supporting each other through every new project.

ApplyBoard staff, in office, wearing masks

The Sales Enablement Team meeting responsibly at ApplyBoard HQ

How ApplyBoard Supports Growth and Development

From my first day at ApplyBoard, I knew I wanted to make an impact and feel like I was really contributing. One of the key things I learned as an engineer is: When you recognize that the way things are being done isn’t necessarily the way they have to be done, you can truly change the world. 

Thankfully, my ideas of growth were very happily received by my team leads and managers. They helped me create an action plan to reach my goals and helped me reach out to the right people for guidance, who in turn were super helpful in sharing their knowledge and experience. I’ve enrolled in relevant courses to develop my professional skills and have a plan to continue my progress. The company is growing at an exceptional pace, and it is heartwarming to be apart of the journey.

Favourite Things about Working at ApplyBoard

Company culture and the connection people share is something I admire the most at ApplyBoard. I can testify to the strength of our unity because I spent the majority of this year working from India due to sudden travel bans. As unprepared, shocked, and scared as I was, I received exceptional support from everyone at the company. At a time when there was panic all around and I was stuck at home due to stringent lockdowns, the high-energy company meetings gave me comfort, strength, and hope, and the love I received from my colleagues kept me going. Since the work made me forget everything that was wrong and scary in the world, I started working longer, deriving strength and inspiration from my leaders who brought us together as a unit. This year has hugely affected the way the world works. However, a diamond shines brighter under pressure. We at ApplyBoard did! 

Staff celebrating Diwali in office

AppyBoard team members celebrating Diwali at the Kitchener HQ (Photo from 2019)


Our work is fast-paced, and opportunities for growth are endless. If you put in real effort, it doesn’t go unnoticed. You feel heard, valued, and appreciated. When you know you are changing so many lives and thinking beyond yourself, it’s easier to stay motivated and contribute. At ApplyBoard, diversity in ways of thinking is valued. The best thing is that the system is not rigid. Everyone is willing to learn and change, so new ideas are welcomed and celebrated.

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