The Most In-Demand Careers in Ireland

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Are you drawn to the high-quality education opportunities and breathtaking landscapes in Ireland? If so, you’re not alone. Ireland continues to skyrocket in popularity. Now, over 35,000 international students are studying in Ireland. Many of these students attend Irish universities, which all rank in the world’s top 3%.  If you’re looking for how studying at an Irish university can set you up for one of the most in-demand careers in Ireland, keep on reading.

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What is Ireland’s Critical Skills Occupations List? 

If you plan on studying and working in Ireland, the Critical Skills Occupations List could be your roadmap to success!

This important list is published by the Irish Government’s Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. It includes several different types of skills-based jobs or qualifications, all of which are in demand in Ireland. 

Since the Irish economy is growing (it’s the fastest-growing economy in Europe), there aren’t enough skilled workers in Ireland. That creates a great opportunity for you as a potential international student. If you come to Ireland to study a subject that prepares you for one of the careers on this list, you’ll be in a strong position after graduating to start your career in Ireland!

The Critical Skills Occupations List features many different job types. Some careers include web designers, architects, teachers, and social workers. In this article, though, we’re focusing on four of the list’s career categories: information technology, healthcare, science, and engineering

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Top Employers in Ireland

While Dublin is known for its booming tech scene, other Irish cities like Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford are vibrant hubs offering abundant job opportunities across various sectors. Each of these cities are home to distinct industries, which provide a wealth of career opportunities for new graduates. Plus, with a lower cost of living than Dublin, they are attractive options for young professionals seeking exciting work environments.

World-leading international companies like Apple, Dell EMC, VMware, and Johnson & Johnson have regional headquarters in cities across Ireland. Plus, Irish success stories like Ryanair, Smurfit Kappa, and Cement Roadstone Holdings (the biggest supplier of building materials to the construction industry in America) offer a wide variety of career paths for new graduates.

Fun fact: International students who study and work in Ireland can become eligible for naturalization in as little as three years!

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In-Demand Information Technology (IT) Careers

Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications professionals are some of the most sought-after workers in Ireland. Career opportunities range from software developers to business analysts and project managers.

Check out these IT courses: 

University College Cork – Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Digital Humanities and Information Technology 

With this course, you’ll go far. It covers it all, from the principles of information technology to the exploration of arts and humanities, and the impact of digital media. Learn how digital technologies can innovate research in fields like language, literature, philosophy, and politics. Plus, gain insights into how technology shapes our understanding of culture and society.

University of Limerick – Bachelor of Science – Product Design and Technology 

This course covers human-centered design, digital technologies, healthcare and well-being, consumer electronics, and more. The course is industry-focused, and you’ll get an eight-month work placement in the third year! Plus, it’s an internationally recognized degree accredited by the Institution of Engineering Designers, UK.

Are you fascinated by advances in artificial intelligence (AI)? Check out the University of Limerick’s Bachelor of Science – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course.

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In-Demand Healthcare Careers

If you’re looking for a career that’s in high demand both in Ireland and around the world, look no further than healthcare. Healthcare professionals make a difference in people’s lives. Furthermore, they can earn above-average salaries in careers like nursing, psychology, and physiotherapy. 

Here are some course recommendations that can help you prepare for an in-demand healthcare career:

University of Limerick – Bachelor of Science – Nursing Studies

This course ensures students thoroughly understand nursing in an ever-changing world. Classes offered include philosophy, as well as the present-day roles of nurses. The curriculum is flexible, and students will have the opportunity to practice transferable skills. 

Maynooth University – Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Psychology 

This degree is the first stage in professional psychology training. It provides students with the opportunity to learn about the human mind and behaviours. You’ll be using numerous research methods in your classes, and earn a Post Secondary Institution (PSI)-accredited degree. 

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In-Demand Science Careers

Want to solve some of the great mysteries of the universe? A degree in science is a great place to start! Careers in biochemistry or analytical development in the natural sciences are in high demand in Ireland.

Here are some courses that can prepare you for career success: 

Trinity College Dublin – Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Chemistry with Molecular Modelling: Chemical Sciences

This creative science course teaches you how to develop everything! From battery superconductors to cutting-edge drug molecules, this course covers it all. The skills you’ll learn in this Chemistry with Molecular Modelling course are applicable to many different industries, like technology or pharmaceutical healthcare. 

University College Cork – Master of Science – Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences, Operations and Management 

Graduates of this one-year course will be ready for careers in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Students gain skills in technical operations, regulatory management, and digital transformation. Plus, the course includes an eight-month paid industry placement for practical experience.

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In-Demand Engineering Careers

Want a career that shapes the future? Ireland’s reputation for engineering continues to grow alongside its technology sector. Civil, structural, and electrical engineers are in especially high demand.

These courses can prepare you for an engineering career in Ireland: 

University of College Cork – Master of Engineering Science – Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Learn about the principles and theoretical bases of modern manufacturing techniques, automation, and production processes. You’ll also study the technology, quality tools, and manufacturing methodology used to design, re-design, and continuously improve manufacturing operations.

Dublin City University – Bachelor of Engineering – Electronic and Computer Engineering

Because this course is recognized internationally, graduates can practice as professional engineers in different countries if they choose to. In class, you’ll learn to build electronic devices and troubleshoot industry challenges using cutting-edge technology. 

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As Ireland’s economy continues to grow, these courses can prepare you for in-demand careers in a thriving country. Plus, studying on the Emerald Isle offers you many opportunities for personal growth. 

Working towards an in-demand career can help you make the most of your study abroad experience. After graduation, pursuing a career in science, engineering, healthcare, or IT can open the door to diverse career opportunities, flexible hours, and a competitive salary.

Preparing for study in Ireland? From course information to an international student guide, we’ve got the tools you need to succeed.


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