Student Success Stories

How to get started was the biggest difficulty I was facing. I knew I wanted a diploma for fitness but from where? That was another question I had unanswered. ApplyBoard filled all the gaps and helped me make the right decision.

— Jose G.T.

I can’t believe that I am studying business at Conestoga College in Canada with no IELTS! Their service is fast, easy, and extremely convenient. Thank you ApplyBoard for opening new doors for me!

— Ehsan D.

To be honest with you I have so rarely encountered an institution or organization like ApplyBoard to serve and help applicants willing to pursue their education in higher levels abroad. I had a great experience regarding getting a fast and direct admission and I was completely surprised at how fast I wast admitted to the program I like. I strongly recommend you to have the same experience because it is really worth it.

— Hamid N.

I found Applyboard on Facebook and I thought it was a scam and it was fake, but I pushed myself to trying it out and I don’t regret it all. I just love what you do. You link students to schools you are sure of getting admission to once you let Applyboard apply, because they provide you with the guidance you need. Thank you for helping me get admission and hoping the visa application process will be a success too. Thank you ApplyBoard for your time and energy which by the way is for free.

— Larissa M.

It has always been my dream to study in Europe, but how to start the process was my problem. But every since I came across ApplyBoard, it has been excellent, and the payment of application fees has been easy. I got my acceptance letter in just a week from Conestoga College and Applyboard also helped me with my visa process. ApplyBoard is the best and they know what they are doing. l want to thank the entire ApplyBoard team, especially Mr. Mikel and Mr. Hani. You guys are great. Can’t wait to see you all come September.

— Kporo C.

At first, getting a school that suits my desired choice was a real problem. But ApplyBoard came as a saviour to lead me through to my desired choice. They simplified everything so that I got my admission without stress. The most interesting thing is that they do this without asking for payment. Applying through ApplyBoard gave me the confidence of getting admission and they did not fail on this. So why not do the same and have your way. Thanks to Hani, Meti, Massi and the entire team for their help and support. I wish the whole team success in their quest to help humanity.

— Cicero C.

I want to thank all the ApplyBoard staff for your support and your help during my application. The ApplyBoard members were very friendly, especially Massi and Meti. Now I’m very happy that I am accepted to university.

— Naser S.

Wooooow! I’m very glad to get admission through Applyboard. In fact, looking for a school and the best programs abroad was a very big problem for me. But with the assistance of the ApplyBoard team, it was an easy task. Congrats APPLYBOARD! Congrats Hani Alnahas! Congrats Massi Basiri. Applyboard, you are the best.

— Godfred O.

I heard about ApplyBoard while I was trying to apply for Canadian universities and colleges. There were lots of them and I had no clue how to apply efficiently. ApplyBoard has helped me a lot by providing me with appropriate opportunities classified based on my background. They did an amazing job by letting me know about every detail possible, including expenses. I have had their support during every single step of my application process. It really was a faster process with their help and I got my letter of acceptance in less than a week. Currently, I am using ApplyBoard services to apply for Canadian visa. ApplyBoard successfully met their mission, which is to help students all over the world to find appropriate universities and colleges for their studies, even without IELTS or TOEFL scores.

— Roja M.

Making a choice for my undergrad wasn’t easy. I wanted to make sure that I was heading down the right road and making the best decision. Now I am studying electrical engineering at Simon Fraser University and I know I made the right choice. I couldn’t have done it without ApplyBoard.

— Mehdi N.

The most difficult thing in life that you find yourself in front of a dead end, then finding who can help pave the way for you to reach your destination and realize your dream. Thank you so much ApplyBoard because you put me in the right way in order to complete my studies and fulfill my dream, and a special thanks with all my heart to Massi Basiri and Meti Basiri.

— Mustafa B.

The task of finding a suitable school for a Master’s can be cumbersome, however, ApplyBoard is an orderly system that connects you with the school and makes the application process seamless and less stressful. ApplyBoard comes highly recommended by me – you can easily interact with each person in ApplyBoard and you don’t feel as though you are talking to a machine. Your challenges are a concern to them and their help is ever readily available every step of the way, including through your visa application process. It is hard to see an organization that is not necessarily out for their profit but your own. I am glad that I used ApplyBoard and that I have been admitted for my Master’s in Engineering Technology Management at Western Kentucky University through their help.

— Mery E.

It affords me the greatest opportunity and privilege to share my experience on ApplyBoard and how it has helped me throughout my application process. Contacting ApplyBoard is one of the greatest and wonderful experience which has been a dream come true for me as far as my educational dreams are concerned. The process involved is not bureaucratic one, you will need to provide the right documents of academic to support the application. The team at ApplyBoard is very committed to their course of action of assisting people go through the application process successfully. As a beneficiary of ApplyBoard, I therefore recommend to all who would want to build a strong educational future to make ApplyBoard a priority. Trust me, we will be hearing or reading of your testimony once you take such great opportunity like I did with ApplyBoard.

— Joseph K.

It’s been my dream to study in Canada, and through ApplyBoard, that dream has finally become a reality. I got admission to Seneca College in less than 45 days through ApplyBoard and want to wholeheartedly recommend ApplyBoard to anyone interested to pursue his or her dream in Canada or USA because they are fast, reliable and most importantly, true to their words and I can confidently say they are real. Thanks to ApplyBoard team for your good work.

— Michael B.

I came to Canada because of ApplyBoard’s team support. This team helped me a lot in so many aspects of my application, such as getting admission and visa processing, and after that they helped me to find a place to live. Now I’m in Canada studying my Master’s and when I think back to this process I can’t say how much I appreciate them. There is so many thing I liked. They answered all of my questions and they support me. I would recommend ApplyBoard to all but especially to those who are dreaming of studying in USA and Canada because it works. Just try their service and look at how your dreams come true.

— Ali B.

I was on Facebook one day, just going through my friends new posts and updates and suddenly came across this post Study in USA and Canada. What made me attracted to this post was to do this WITHOUT TOEFL or SAT. When I clicked on it, APPLYBOARD came up but sincerely I was never serious with it, because I thought it was a scam site (I tried many other school sites but I don’t always finish my application). I went through the site and started my application and got more interested when I saw their quick response to all my request and enquires, so I started to feel this is real and from there I gave my all. It was like oh no this is not real, when I got an email that I have being admitted into my choice university for my own very course of study. I confirm it and it was exactly true. I am telling anyone reading this that ApplyBoard a here if you want to study aboard, they are ready to give it all it takes for your success (being admitted to the university of your choice).one other thing is they gave me courage thru the whole time including for my visa interview. To my conclusion on Applyboard This guys are the Best if you want to study abroad may be USA and Canada special thanks to my brothers not partners Meti Basiri AND Massi Basiri because this guys never ever treated me like a patterer or a friend but like a Brother because they gave in all during my application. One other person I appreciate I don’t know is name but he attended to me very nice during my first stage of application, all I know is that he is Cool looking GUY, also a lady who always respond to me on WhatsApp audio call. The rest of the ApplyaBoard co-workers you guys a great thanks a lot.

— Kolapo D.

I’m Renuka Dhanpat and it has always been a live long dream to further my studies in Canada at one of its prestigious colleges that they have to offer. With the help of Apply Board team especially Mr. Massi Basiri and Mr. Meti Basiri, studying in Canada is now a possibility, seeing I have received my letter of acceptance and confirmation letter from Seneca College. I’m very impressed with the services this agency has provided; the staffs are very efficient, reliable, professional, patient and just awesome. They have helped me with every aspect of my application processing. Looking forward to get my visa and initiate my studies in Canada. Thank you Apply Board team for your constant help, support and patience especially Mr. Massi and Meti. I will recommend Apply Board to any student who wants to study in the USA or Canada! Apply Board services are very efficient and free.

— Renuka D.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping me apply for the Husson University in the U.S.A to study MBA. APPLY BOARD is a friendly and professional team that can make the hard, hectic and stressful way of applying for studying at universities in the U.S.A and Canada which is a dream of most of the students around the world, very smooth and easy. I got my acceptance letter less than a month with the wonderful help of APPLY BOARD. I proud of you guys and really appreciate you! I also sincerely thank dear Meti and Masih Basiri for taking the time to help me with this process. I will always remember how you helped me to get this opportunity… :).

— Mahya K.

After giving up on getting admitted into a foreign institution for my graduate studies, Applyboard came to my rescue, I got my letter of acceptance in less than a week. I look forward to getting my visa and embarking on this rewarding journey.

— Khadijeh J.

ApplyBoard gave me a life changing opportunity. I came to Canada to do my undergrad in civil and now I plan to follow it with engineering. I couldn’t be happier to have found ApplyBoard.

— Mehran A.

Applyboard are genius in assisting students to find the right course and school to study. Their staff are just just superb to say the least. I have found the right school and course commencing September 2016. Fellow professionals and students, look nowhere but Applyboard. The number one and second to none.

— Ibrahim S.

I feel so fortunate enough to be a part of ApplyBoard. This gave me the right tract and opportunity to learn about several universities in a brief. It made my journey to study abroad so smooth and easy that I always knew that I am on the right path to my destiny. All the staffs of ApplyBoard are so much cooperative and humble to deal with. ApplyBoard is the best possible way for the international students like me to fulfill their dreams to study in USA or Canada. Thank you ApplYBoard. I am so grateful to you.

— Maksudul A.

It’s a great pleasure to share my experience in Applyboard.com. Informed by the enthusiastic entrepreneur Martin when he was in Beijing, I logged in Applyboard in November and found many good universities. Then I began my application to Mount Allison University in December by the guide step by step from Applyboard. After 15 days, I checked my email box and was thrilled to receive the letter of acceptance from MTA! During these days, the staffs in Applyboard have kept in contact with me to inform me the status. I consulted some agencies about the application before, but the process was extremely time-consuming and I have waited for three months but still got no information from university. In general, I have a wonderful application process in Applyboard. Thanks for all the help from Applyboard! I do not regret applying the MTA, because it is a great university and being accepted excited my long-waiting days; also, I do not regret apply through the Applyboard, because it is pleasing to apply with your help. Finally, thanks for all your help! I would definitely recommend the website to my friends, many of whom are planning to study in North America. May your business a success!

— Yizhou Z.

Wanting to study abroad is much easier said than done. ApplyBoard was the answer to all my questions, from getting the acceptance through all the other steps in the way.

— Amir J.

The process to apply to study in Canada was very difficult and confusing for me , until I discovered ApplyBoard which helped me in every step to apply to the college I have dreamed of thanks to their professionalism, I would love to thank all of the group of ApplyBoard.

— Bahri S.