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Your journey to study in the US starts here. Ready to join the largest international student population in the world? Home to renowned colleges and universities, the US is number one for a reason.

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Known for its academic excellence, the US boasts one of the best university systems on the planet. Expect a vibrant student life with full access to the American cultural experience. Plus, as a global economic hub, the US can offer exciting access to cutting-edge research and technology! Learn more and choose from acclaimed colleges and universities here.
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Ready to launch your American study abroad journey? Those who study in the US can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality education system offering internationally recognized credentials. Plus flexible program options, exciting student life, and opportunities to study, work, and research with some of the best professors in their fields. Whether you plan to study in a big city or a small student town, the US has plenty to offer!

Economic Growth Rate

Work While Studying

20 Hrs

per week

During their first year of studies, F-1 visa students may work on-campus for up to 20 hours per week during regular full-time semesters.​

Work Permit After Study

1- 3


Students who find work in their field may exercise OPT (Optional Practical Training) for up to 12 months before and/or after finishing their academic program without getting a new visa.Students in STEM programs are eligible for an extension of up to two additional years.

Getting an American Student Visa​

To study in the US, most students will apply for an F-1 student visa, which is reserved for students planning to study at a college or university in the US (or planning to study English at an English language institute).

After being accepted by an approved school in the United States, you’ll be registered for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and must pay the I-901 fee. Your school will issue you a Form I-20 to complete. After completing these steps, you can apply at a US Embassy or Consulate to take your F or M student visa interview.

Avg Visa Cost​

$510 USD​

Pay Application Fee

Submission in Progress

Prepare Application


Proof of English Proficiency in the US​

You will need to prove your English language proficiency to be accepted into most American colleges or universities. Test score requirements vary by program and other factors, so check program and institution language requirements very closely. Some widely-accepted English language proficiency tests in the US include:

Top Programs to Study in the US

Johns Hopkins University

Master of Science in Engineering – Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Outstanding faculty who are leading their fields, the opportunities students have to conduct research and apply their knowledge to address critical, cross-disciplinary, real-world problems, and specialized career resources...

Arizona State University – West

Business Pathway Transfer to ASU Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

This program lets students start undergraduate studies at ASU while they raise their English proficiency and academic grades. They will take a combination of English language and academic courses, and...

University of California, Irvine

English as a Second Language – Intensive

Prepare for university-level study, career advancement, or for the accomplishment of personal goals in our CEA-accredited, academically oriented 10-Week Intensive English as a Second Language Program.

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