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Build a Strong Canadian Study Permit Application with Proof of Financial Support

ApplyBoard is collaborating with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to offer you the International Student GIC Program, an easy and convenient way to obtain Proof of Financial Support for your Canadian study permit application, to help you take your next steps in studying Canada.
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Benefits of purchasing a GIC from RBC

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Strengthen your study permit application and increase Immigration Officials’ trust in your Proof of Financial Support document with ApplyProof’s verification technology.

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The Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) fulfills the Proof of Financial Support requirement for a Canadian Study Permit application.

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Access a wide range of services and offers for newcomers to Canada, through RBC’s digital banking solutions and over 1,100 RBC Royal Bank branches across the country.

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Earn interest at a guaranteed, fixed interest rate over the term of your investment.

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Your investment is protected by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.


What are the GIC Application Steps?

If you are an International Student from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, or Peru who meets the eligibility criteria of the Government of Canada’s Student Direct Stream program, follow the steps below to apply now:

Complete and Submit your Application
  • Download the Application Package
  • Read, complete and sign the RBC International Student GIC Program Application Form and other documents included in the package
  • Complete the webform below and upload your completed Application Package, passport and letter of acceptance from an eligible Canadian school
  • Submit your application and supporting documents online within the form
  • Receive an email from and confirm your email address by clicking the button in the body of the email
Open Investment Account
  • An RBC advisor will contact you directly by RBC Secure Email once your RBC Investment Account has been opened
  • Register for RBC Secure Email to obtain your Investment Account opening confirmation and detailed international wire transfer instructions
Transfer Funds to Purchase your RBC GIC
  • Send RBC a single one-time international wire transfer for the purchase of your RBC GIC and applicable fees.
Obtain GIC Confirmation on ApplyProof
  • Receive, access and download your verifiable RBC Contribution Details document, which serves as proof of your investment and sets out relevant details about your GIC, through the ApplyProof Platform

What is ApplyProof?

Ready to Submit an Application?

This program is currently only available to international students from:

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Costa Rica



Submit Your Application

Download and complete the Application Package and upload it, along with your passport and letter of acceptance, within the form below.


RBC requires a minimum one-time deposit of $10,200CAD (maximum $10,300CAD). Note that wire transfer fees are deducted at source, so your transfer amount must take these fees into consideration. If the amount transferred differs from these amounts, it may be immediately refunded to the originating account, less fees.

After receiving your account details from RBC, you may directly contact your assigned RBC advisor for all questions relating to your application. To help you receive a quick response, you must ensure that you include in the email all the information available on your application form such as SRF # and full name, as well as date of submission.

Absolutely! To receive a refund, you will need to provide proof of study permit rejection and submit a request to your RBC advisor. You will receive a refund your one-time deposit, minus the $200 CAD handling fee which is unfortunately non-refundable.

Once you arrive in Canada, you can visit an RBC branch (with some identifying documents) to open a chequing account. You will then receive an initial lump payment into your new account. Monthly payments from your GIC will be deposited into your account until the GIC is redeemed in full.

If you wish to defer your start date, please notify your RBC advisor and they will assist you in updating your GIC.

After your payment is received by RBC, it will take 3 business days to process and receive a verifiable GIC certificate from RBC on the ApplyProof platform.

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About ApplyProof

ApplyProof is a platform developed by ApplyBoard that builds trust in the international enrolment process through secure, efficient verification of student documents.

Immigration Officials can verify your original proof of financial support through the ApplyProof platform, increasing trust in your study permit application.

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About RBC

Operating since 1869, RBC is Canada’s biggest bank, the fifth largest in North America, and one of the largest banks in the world by market capitalization. Today, RBC has over 1100 branches across Canada, offering them a wide range of services.

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