Active Scam Targeting ApplyBoard Job Candidates

Illustration of ApplyBoard team members

ApplyBoard has been made aware of scammers claiming to be associated with ApplyBoard and targeting job candidates applying for open positions. These fictitious jobs, which may be advertised on external websites (e.g., LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster) or through other means by individuals impersonating ApplyBoard employees or purporting to be a company associated with ApplyBoard, are being done to gain access to job candidates’ personal and financial information.

All communications from ApplyBoard (and our subsidiaries) will come directly from an email address. 

We will never ask you to pay to apply for or work at ApplyBoard. We will also never ask for your sensitive financial information (e.g., tax forms, bank or credit card information, etc.) or SSN/SIN numbers as part of the application process.

Please be aware of this fraudulent activity. Contact your local law enforcement if you suspect you are a victim of a crime related to one of these scams.

If you have any questions, please reach out to