Meet ApplyBoard’s Engineering Team

An illustration of ApplyBoard employees surrounding a laptop.

Meet ApplyBoard’s dedicated Engineering Team! In collaboration with the rest of our team members, our engineers work to improve and create new features for our platform that help students achieve their dream of studying abroad and also support the work of our recruitment partners. The team is comprised of outstanding individuals who are actively helping us Educate the World.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In just seven years, ApplyBoard has experienced tremendous growth and accomplished incredible things. Product Manager Daryan Zycki points out that “we always need to be planning for what comes next so we can stay one step ahead of everyone else. And I think that’s one of the characteristics that has made ApplyBoard so successful. We’re already ahead of the competition and we’re setting a lot of new norms within the industry.”

Our Engineering Team contributes significantly to us staying ahead of the curve, and setting the standard in the EdTech industry. It’s team players like Daryan who recognize the gaps in the market and help us fill them to provide excellent service to our students, recruitment partners, and academic institutions. We recognize that this means constantly improving and pushing boundaries. Arjang Parsa, Vice President of Product, notes that “we need to bring innovation and the latest technology to help our customers perform better.” Innovation is one of our core values and something we take very seriously and work towards every day.

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Best Fit for the Role

But, this is not a one-person effort, as Jobanmeet Kaur, another of our dedicated Product Managers, points out. “The way we gel together to create new features, solve problems for the platform, and make educating the world possible—it’s divine.” The synergy of our Engineering Team is no coincidence. It’s a product of our practice. Here at ApplyBoard, we strive to hire the best fit for the role. This helps us foster better productivity and collaboration company-wide.

This belief is echoed across our organization by the people who embody it. As Software Engineer Andrew Kelly puts it, “hiring the right people is very important, and at ApplyBoard, we have a high standard of bringing in the right people for the right job.”

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We’re always looking to hire motivated and passionate people who will contribute to our mission to Educate the World. Software Engineering Manager Xeniya Shirinova put it best when she said that “ApplyBoard is a place where you feel yourself a part of the team, you feel yourself a part of the biggest goal.” 

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