ApplyBoard hosts Minister of Immigration Canada and Kitchener MP

Minister of Immigration visits ApplyBoard

ApplyBoard hosts The Honourable Ahmed Hussen & MP Raj Saini 


“ApplyBoard is a shining example of why our diversity is working out.” — Honourable Ahmed Hussen


What first began as an exchange of tweets turned into a friendly visit. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to host The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, and Raj Saini, Member of Parliament Kitchener, at the ApplyBoard head office on Thursday, October 11.


Part of ApplyBoard’s success is seen in gaining the support of the Canadian government and people like Minister Hussen and Raj Saini, who can make a real change in the way we facilitate the integration of newcomers and those who wish to establish their place in our communities. 


Minister of Immigration visits ApplyBoard
“If you look at this room, you’re struck by one thing about how Canada is a welcoming country and how we value diversity. These factors are why we have successful businesses like this one” — Honourable Ahmed Hussen.


As Minister Hussen outlines in his speech, since his election, he has connected with many individuals and companies who hold a similar vision as ApplyBoard to learn about the challenges we face in attracting talent. With this information, Minister Hussen committed to doing better. He did so by putting the Global Skills Visa into act, along with making the Startup Visa permanent. With these positive changes, ApplyBoard has had the ability to hire two international employees through the Global Skills Visa. Further, ApplyBoard would not exist without the Startup Visa as this is how the founders gained permanent residency and the opportunity to build the company. The Honourable Ahmed Hussen says, “We embrace diversity as a strength.” ApplyBoard embraces diversity not only in this country, but also within the company. We embrace diversity in many forms; languages, cultures, and the like. Canada has a wonderful reputation of being open and welcoming. “We are proud to be a Canadian company and to have such wonderful leadership who work to diminish the challenges we face,” says Martin Basiri, CEO of ApplyBoard.


Through immigration, students are receiving better access to education. Achieving an education in Canada empowers students in many ways and we know students will continue to create a positive impact for a brighter future by combining their knowledge and skills from different cultural backgrounds.



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