Canada named 2nd best country in the world

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Canada named 2nd best country in the world


For the second year in a row, Canada has been named the second best country in the world. This ranking comes from the annual Best Countries survey from the U.S. News & World report.

The survey considered and evaluated 80 countries in 65 attributes (terms that can be used to describe a country), including adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, entrepreneurship and quality of life. More than 21,000 people participated in this survey, and only Switzerland was ranked higher, scoring a perfect 10 while Canada was given an impressive score of 9.7.

As a Canadian company, ApplyBoard knows Canada could have achieved the #1 ranking, but let’s take a look at what aspects got us to the #2 spot. (That’s still something worth bragging about!)

  • Canada ranked first in the “Quality of Life” attribute after voters considered factors such as politics, economy and health care. Canada has strong democratic traditions, greater economic freedom and job opportunities, and health care is accessible for everyone.
  • Canada also scored high in the “Citizenship” category. Voters acknowledged that Canada cares about human rights, the environment, gender equality, religious freedom and property rights.
  • Voters noted Canada’s strength in the “Entrepreneurship” category. Canada as a whole has an educated population that is up to date on current national and international affairs. Additionally, Toronto’s Daily Hive writes that Canada has a skilled labour force, technological expertise, transparents business practices and easy access to capital.

These are just a few reasons why Canada is so great. We can’t forget about the overall spirit and camaraderie. Will you be cheering for Canada in the current Winter Olympics? GO CANADA!


Daniel Schwartz wrote an excellent article for CBC News on “How Canada is perceived around the world”. Click here to read what others have to say.


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