Trinity Western University (TWU) Partners with ApplyProof for Document Verification

In a mutual commitment to expand access to education for students around the world, ApplyBoard and Trinity Western University (TWU) have partnered to provide the ApplyProof document verification system to international students planning to study at TWU. 

All letters of acceptance (LOA) for international students admitted to TWU from August 17, 2020 onward are being ApplyProofed. Students, recruitment partners, and immigration officials can access the digital original and verify it is legitimate by entering the ApplyProof Code and a unique passcode on the ApplyProof website. 

Known for transformative, quality education, TWU has responded to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic through many service and technological innovations. ApplyProof is now part of their enrollment system, supporting students applying for Canadian study permits. ApplyProof will provide more assurance to students in the process of applying for a study permit to come to Canada in future terms, as well as to students enrolled for September 2020 and planning to study online before coming to Canada when travel restrictions are lifted. 

ApplyProof enables stakeholders in the student’s study permit application process to ensure that the LOA presented to them is authentic—in real-time, online, and securely. Students can be confident that the processing of their documents is more efficient, and, when the time comes, their path to study in Canada will be supported by this tech solution. 

Philip Laird, Vice Provost at TWU, recognizes the cost-savings that can be realized with the implementation of ApplyProof. “Bi-directional sharing of information in a secure online platform will make the verification of students’ documents simpler and more efficient,” he indicated. “Likewise, tech solutions like ApplyProof instill confidence in the quality and validity of students for faculty.”

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