Reasons You’ll Love Being an International Student in California

California, also known as the Golden State, is a great location for international students to study in. Its incredible nature, diverse city life, and blissful beaches between the coasts of San Francisco and San Diego are only a few of the reasons why you’ll love it. Whether you choose to study in Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Jose, each city is sure to “wow” you with its unique characteristics and charm.


First and foremost, California is labelled as an adventurer’s paradise. No matter what school you study at, as long as you’re in the state, your options to explore are endless. You’ll find many national parks in California. Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park (which hosts some of the largest trees on Earth) are the most popular ones. Hike, camp, ski, snowboard – there are plenty of outdoor activities. Perhaps nature isn’t your sweet spot. California also boasts itself for its incredible coastline made perfect for road trips. A fun activity for a group of friends with a desire for a quick getaway.

Creative Cities

Nature isn’t the only thing you’ll come by in California. San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County – there are so many incredible and creative cities. Some of which rank in the top 100 list of cities for international studies to study in. You may even be familiar with a number of them thanks to popular Hollywood films! California caters to many students due to its large creative industry. From movie and television productions in L.A. to cutting edge technology in Silicon Valley, the opportunities are infinite.

World-Class Universities

California is known for, amongst many other incredible things, its prestigious universities. Home to some of the largest, most innovative technology companies in the world, institutions breed top talent. But it doesn’t stop there. California is also a major contributor to the music industry having produced some of the most popular artists in the world. Not all students have creative bones in their bodies, and so California contributes to various other industries such as aerospace, agriculture and biotechnology. The state offers a diverse spread of programs accommodating many students’ interests, whether you have a passion for music, technology, acting or the environment.

Diverse Weather

Sunny weather is typical in parts of California. This makes it a common vacation spot, in addition to its many world famous beaches. That’s not to say California can’t get a little damp and chilly. In fact, cities in the north such as Sacramento and San Francisco can truly contrast the warm temperatures in southern California. In these places, it’s common to experience gloomy weather however, the sun does make its appearance from time to time.

Unique Cuisine

If you enjoy food, the many dishes available will be a pleasant surprise to you. California likes to push boundaries in culinary arts, fusing unique ingredients to create diverse dishes. The state takes pride in its healthy and fresh meals with the use of local organic ingredients. For those looking for a quick fix, fast food hotspots like In-and-Out Burger are also features of the great cuisine in California.

If you decide to study in California, you will be exposed to some of the most incredible experiences from popular beaches and tasty foods, to world-class education. Perhaps this will lead to an opportunity in one of the top companies in the state!

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Adrianna Dyczkowsky, Public Relations Specialist at ApplyBoard