4 Apps to Support You Through the Writing Process

Regardless of what you’re studying in school, it’s likely that writing will be expected of you at some point and in some capacity during your academic career. The writing process can seem daunting at first—especially if English is not your first language—and many students may not know where to start. Writing a high-quality essay involves preparation and following specific steps. These steps include brainstorming, conducting research, writing the paper, and editing it for clarity and accuracy. Today, we’ll explore four apps you can use to help you through the writing process.

A screenshot of a Coggle mind map.

Courtesy of Coggle.

1. Coggle

Brainstorming is a crucial part of the writing process. Conducting a brainstorming session at the beginning can save you both time and headaches down the road. It encourages creative idea generation, allowing students to organize their thoughts and ideas into a cohesive flow of points. If you have a tough time identifying the key objective of your paper and its supporting points, then Coggle could be the perfect solution for you! 

How It Works

Coggle is a digital mind-mapping tool that is excellent for brainstorming. Mind-mapping is a helpful technique for drawing connections between your ideas. This method typically involves drawing shapes around your written ideas and using branching lines to connect those shapes on paper. Coggle allows you to create digital mind maps that are safely stored online in the cloud and accessible from your various devices. You can rearrange and edit your mind maps as much as you’d like without worrying about running out of space as you might with a physical piece of paper. Students may also create public mind maps on Coggle, and then collaborate on them with their classmates. Other mind maps may be set to private for personal writing assignments.


A free version of the app is available for unlimited public mind maps and up to three private mind maps. Check out Coggle’s paid plans for unlimited private mind maps, extra formatting options, and different shapes.

A screenshot of a note on Evernote.

Courtesy of Evernote.

2. Evernote

The research component of the writing process can often be the most time-consuming part. It’s not uncommon for students to have notes, screenshots, and saved files floating around their computers in various locations. This lack of organization can make writing a scattered and stressful process. If you can relate to this, consider downloading the Evernote app. It provides you with the tools to stay organized by creating a digital and searchable notebook.

How It Works

Evernote allows its users to create a searchable archive of PDFs, articles, and notes. Students can use this app to write essay outlines, take notes, and even create complete drafts of articles and essays. You can choose to use Evernote’s Web Clipper to quickly save web pages, articles, and screen captures right to Evernote. This feature will allow you to easily access your information at a later date or when you’re offline. Evernote is a strong tool to stay organized and house ideas and research in a logical, collected way, so that students can focus on writing.


There’s a free version of the app available. If you’re looking for additional features, consider upgrading to one of Evernote’s multiple pricing plans

A screenshot of Cold Turkey Writer's blocker interface.

Courtesy of Cold Turkey Writer.

3. Cold Turkey Writer

If you’re a procrastinator and have been searching for something to keep you on track while writing your papers, then you should check out the Cold Turkey Writer app.

While our computers are helpful tools for writing, they also have an array of potential distractions like YouTube, Netflix, social media, and video games. Cold Turkey Writer blocks these distractions, so you can focus on the creative process.

How It Works

When you open the Cold Turkey app, it will ask you to enter a writing goal. The goal can be either the amount of time you want to spend writing or the number of words that you want to write. Once you’ve submitted your goal, Cold Turkey will block every app on your computer until you’ve hit your writing target for the day. This extends to your internet browser, so make sure you have completed your research before enabling the app! Keep in mind that Cold Turkey Writer doesn’t offer many formatting options, so you’ll need to use it in combination with another app, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, if you intend on publishing or printing your writing. 


There’s a free version of the app available. If you’re looking for extra theme and formatting features, you may pay a one-time fee of C$10 to activate them.

A screenshot of Grammarly's editing interface.

Courtesy of Grammarly.

4. Grammarly

Editing your paper is the final step before handing it in. Ensuring your work is free of grammatical errors can greatly improve the grade you receive. Not everyone has an editing eye or someone in their life who can edit their work for them. If this sounds like an area where you need support, then consider downloading the Grammarly app.

How It Works

Grammarly uses an AI-enabled algorithm to proofread and grammar check your writing. It provides assistance to its users by assessing sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. If you choose to pay for the premium plan, the app will work to improve your writing’s fluency, clarity, and cohesiveness as well. Its easy-to-use features, high level of accuracy, and accessibility have made it a wonderful writing companion for students throughout the years. 


A free version of this app is available. If you’re looking for extra features, then one of Grammarly’s other pricing plans could be a great option for you.

Ace your next paper or assignment by utilizing the above apps to streamline your writing process!

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