ApplyProof Expands with New Global Partnerships

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ApplyBoard is excited to announce strategic partnerships between two global education providers and ApplyProof, the standalone platform powered by ApplyBoard. By partnering with ETS and with Pearson Education, respectively, ApplyProof will make millions of English language test scores efficiently verifiable with the click of a button.

ApplyProof is a trust solution that enables efficient verification of international student documentation. By building trust in student documents, ApplyProof aims to make admission and study permit application processes more efficient. Proof of Language Proficiency diversifies and broadens ApplyProof’s support of students and further increases trust for stakeholders in their journey.

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In partnership with schools, colleges, and universities across Canada, ApplyProof already enables secure, efficient verification of official student documents for Proof of Acceptance—one of the requirements for a Canadian study permit. The addition of Proof of English Language Proficiency is another step toward ApplyProof serving as one place to verify international student documentation.

“Interoperability is what makes ApplyProof transformative. We are thrilled to launch Proof of Language Proficiency in partnership with ETS and with Pearson respectively. This is a giant step forward to increase trust, efficiency, and transparency in our ecosystem,” said Iman Hassani, Head of ApplyProof.

“We are pleased to work with ApplyBoard and commend the solution it has created,” said Srikant Gopal, Executive Director of the TOEFL® program. “ApplyProof facilitates a more seamless process in the verification of documents, like TOEFL scores, for both the students and institutions who rely on them for high-stakes decisions.”

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Assia Hamdane, Pearson’s Director of PTE in Canada, said: “We are always looking for ways to make PTE an ever more beneficial, seamless, and effective experience for our test takers. We believe our partnership with ApplyProof will help us do this by enabling students and verifiers to share and access PTE scores more quickly and easily than before. 

Stakeholders are enabled to use unique identifier codes to access and verify the authenticity of a document by viewing the digital original held securely on ApplyProof. ApplyProof’s cutting edge technology enables interoperability through different sets of APIs as well as other integration options. With this variety of integration solutions, all organizations in the ecosystem can use ApplyProof to bring trust, transparency, and efficiency to their operations. 


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