ApplyBoard CEO Signs University of Waterloo StartUp Pledge

ApplyBoard has had many achievements since our 2015 founding. We recently surpassed 200 employees, secured $55 million in Series B funding this past May, and have helped thousands of students around the world access quality education. These markers of success have enabled us to expand our scope and services considerably. Just as importantly, they’ve put us in a position to give back.

Charitable initiatives have always been an important part of ApplyBoard’s culture and our CEO, Martin Basiri, recently had the chance to take part in a charity program of special significance to his own entrepreneurial journey. We’re excited to announce that Martin has signed a StartUp Pledge with the University of Waterloo, where he graduated with a Masters of Science in 2013.

The StartUp Pledge is a program in which UW alumni – with an emphasis on founders of early startups – pledge their intent to donate a portion of their company’s future success to the university. In this case, Martin has agreed to donate a portion of ApplyBoard’s equity if the company has a liquidity event, such as an IPO, merger, or acquisition in the future.

“I hope my future gift will help students like me,” says Martin. “It’s my time to give back to international students who may not have all the funds that they need or entrepreneurial students who could benefit from the Velocity program, as I did.”

The StartUp Pledge Funds Research and Education

The StartUp Pledge is a highly regarded part of Waterloo’s alumni culture. Donations funnel directly into the university’s renowned entrepreneurial programs, as well as help to fund resources in research and education. For Martin, signing the pledge is another way of committing to ApplyBoard’s mission of making education accessible all around the world.

“I can’t imagine where I would be now if it wasn’t for my education,” he explains. “I am a very lucky person who had access to quality education in Iran and in Canada. Now it’s time to give back so others can get a quality education as well.”

To learn more about the Start-Up Pledge, visit the “Support Waterloo” section on the University of Waterloo’s website.

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