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ApplyBoard (Easy Education Inc.) is revolutionizing the way international students apply to universities, colleges and high schools in Canada and the United States of America. Students from anywhere in the world can easily find and apply to the best programs based on their academic background, desired course of study and financial means.

Our goal is to make studying abroad a reality for students from around the globe, regardless of their nationality, location or educational background. We believe in providing educational opportunities and we feel it makes the world a better place when we expose students to other cultures and languages.

Today, student by student we are helping thousands of people realize their dreams, attending the best schools while building a better future for the world.

ApplyBoard’s mission is to make education accessible for everyone, regardless of their nationality or location. Our success is measured by our students’ success in their education journey. We understand each student’s needs, we remove their obstacles, and we make studying at their dream school a reality.

We constructed our Platform as a Service (PaaS) with our students and partners in mind. Our use of AI aligns the interests of our students and our partner schools by matching each student with their most suitable program. The platform is intuitive, personalized and designed to help everyone succeed.

Whether you are a student, school or agent, ApplyBoard has a solution for you.

Students – We will help you in every step of your application, free of charge. We let you know which documents are required, we carefully review them, forward your tuition payments and assist with everything from your visa application to your airport pick-up.

Schools – We save you time and money when we review each student’s application, ensuring each is fully qualified and complete when we send it to you. When we submit each application, we adhere to your admissions structure.

Agents – Our Agent Dashboard allows you to manage all of your students and their information, while staying organised and up-to-date with the status of their applications. The process is streamlined through our platform, so we submit your students’ applications once complete, and in return your commission is distributed to you automatically once the student is enrolled.


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ApplyBoard Team

Martin Basiri

Co-Founder & CEO

Meti Basiri

Co-Founder & CMO

Parsa Naghibi

Senior Director of Engineering

Masih Basiri

Chief Operating Officer

Abbey Gilhula

C Level Advisor

Ajay Mishra


Akshay Saini

International Recruitment Manager - India

Ally Li

Customer Experience Manager

Allyson Luszczek

Content Specialist

Anna Guo

International Recruitment Manager - China

Brent Willson

International Recruitment Director

Bonnie Long

Customer Experience Manager

Brittany Ottewill

Customer Experience Manager

Cathie Donkers

Customer Experience Manager

Chad Davidson

Content Specialist

Cristina Buzica

Customer Experience Manager

Dawson Phan

Marketing Assistant

David Habinski

Customer Experience Manager

Debadatta Laskar

Customer Experience Manager

Deepak Arora

International Recruitment Manager - India

Dong Hu

Software Developer

Diana Cabason

Customer Experience Manager

Duong Pham

International Recruitment Officer - Vietnam

Erin Babbey

Partner Relations Manager

George Qiao

International Recruitment Director - China

Emanuel Turkonje

Customer Experience Manager

Hari K Ghai

Immigration Consultant (RCIC - R516958)

Hasan Alattar

International Recruitment Manager - Middle East

Kerstin Balzer-Peters

Content Specialist

Iman Hassani

Business Development Specialist

Krystal Li

International Recruitment Manager - China

Laura Easson

Customer Experience Manager

Lily Li

Customer Experience Manager

Marika Henne

Data Analyst

Mayank Walia

International Recruitment Manager - India

Mary Straus

Customer Experience Manager

Meganne Hayward

Customer Experience Manager

Mesbah Abdulrahem

Senior Software Developer

Mitra Ghiyasian

Business Development Manager

Mojtaba Ebadi

Software Developer

Nathaniel Miles

Customer Experience Manager

Pankti Shukla

Administration Officer

Pradeep Pandey

International Recruitment Officer - India

Ritika Bhargo

Customer Experience Manager

Rosalinda Pacione

Senior Content Specialist

Ruthann Oliver

Customer Experience Manager

Saba Naseralavi

International Recruitment Manager - Iran

Samantha Leroux

Content Specialist

Samuel Nguyen

Software Developer

Sergio Moura

Software Developer

Shreyas Pradhan

International Recruitment Manager - Nepal

Stephanie Peifer

Human Resource Specialist

Talha Malik

Software Developer

Tim Xie

Director, China Business Development

Veeresh Roy Joggesser

Customer Experience Manager

Victor Montero Guzman

Customer Experience Manager

Welton Demetrio

UI/ UX Designer

Zachary Miller

Customer Experience Manager

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