Yorkville University NEW Tuition Deposit Policy


Dear Recruitment Partners,

We are pleased to announce some important changes, effective immediately, for international students coming from India and Bangladesh.
International students from India and Bangladesh, including those located in Canada, remain eligible for a $10,000 bursary. This bursary is awarded to students on a pro-rated basis, beginning in the students 4th term. Further details regarding how the scholarship is distributed is included on each student’s preliminary letter of acceptance.
All students from India and Bangladesh must now pay a full first year tuition deposit in order to receive an official letter of acceptance (LOA). For the Bachelor of Business Administration program, the first year tuition deposit is $19,350. For the Bachelor of Interior Design, the first year tuition deposit is $20,535. Students will not receive an LOA for use in their application for a study permit unless they have paid the full amount of the tuition deposit.
IMPORTANT: All students, regardless of the referring agency, must make this first year tuition deposit payment through the ApplyBoard payment portal. One third (1/3) of the tuition deposit is applied to an ApplyBoard service fee. This service fee is applied to the student’s third term of tuition upon successful completion of the first six weeks of that term. If this payment is not made through the ApplyBoard payment portal, students will not receive an LOA. Students who receive a study permit and withdraw before completing six weeks of the third term of study at Yorkville University will forfeit the ApplyBoard service fee.
All Recruitment Partners are expected to notify students of this policy.
Students who are unsuccessful in their study permit application will receive a full refund of the entire payment of one year tuition less $500. All study permit refusal documents may be verified for authenticity with Canadian authorities prior to the processing of refunds.
Thank you in advance for your patience, cooperation, and compliance to this new policy. If you have any further questions regarding these changes, please contact your Admissions Advisor. In the mean time, stay up to date on new partnerships, deadlines and requirements by visiting the Recruiters News Centre.