UPDATE: Calculating Commission


Dear Recruitment Partners,

We have made some recent changes to our website in regard to the way we display commissions. Prior to this update, commissions were displayed on program pages as the predicted dollar amount that you, the Agent, would receive for your student’s study period.

Going forward, commissions will instead be displayed as percentages or a fixed amount.

In the case of percentage, if you would like to know the dollar equivalent, you can take the percentage and multiply it by the listed tuition on the program page.
Example: 10.0% x CA$ 29,230.00 = CA$ 2,923.00 (your estimated commission, depending on start date and duration of study)

Screen capture of commission display on program pages
We made this change after receiving a number inquiries saying that the amount listed on ApplyBoard’s website was not identical to what was being received on the invoice.

This discrepancy correlates directly with the number of courses being taken by your student. If your student attended the standard number of courses, you received the dollar amount formerly listed. Some students were taking non-full credit loads, making the amount lower. Conversely, if your student took more courses, the commission amount would increase.

To avoid further inquiries to our Accounting Department, we have chosen to display commissions as a percentage or fixed amount.
If you have further concerns or inquiries, please contact your ApplyBoard Representative. Stay up to date on new partnerships, deadlines and requirements by visiting the Recruiters News Centre.