Study Permit Issuing During COVID-19

Restrictions put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 have made it difficult for international students to obtain a study permit. Closures and limitations imposed on visa application centres (VACs), U.S. Application Support Centres, Service Canada, and IRCC offices have made it complicated for students to provide biometric information, complete medical examinations, and even submit travel documentation. 

Today, the Government of Canada has provided more guidance on the issuing of study permits during COVID-19. Due to the circumstances above, IRCC offices will NOT REFUSE a study permit application for non-compliance. Applications will be kept open until the required documentation is provided, and the necessary actions are taken. 

Capacity has been reduced at overseas migration offices and processing centers within Canada, resulting in increased processing times. There are currently no measures in place to expedite the processing of study permit applications. Unit managers at both locations have the discretion to determine if a study permit must be expedited due to particular circumstances. 

Additional information on the steps that will be taken officers processing study permits during COVID-19 can be found here