Updates to Refund and Deferral Requests


In order to better serve our students, we require your support to expedite the refund and deferral request process. We are implementing some new request guidelines for refunds and deferrals that will help shorten the process. You can see our new updates below:

  • As soon as a student receives a visa rejection, send us a copy—even if there is still time to reapply before the intake—so we can review the information and explain the student’s options.
  • When ApplyBoard requests information or documents, provide them as soon as possible. Delays in responding to our request for documentation/information greatly impacts your processing time.
  • Once a request has been submitted to a Partner School, it can take 8-10 weeks for the money to reach the beneficiaries’ account. This timeframe cannot be rushed or shortened.
  • Please wait 10 weeks after the deferral request has been made before reaching out for an update. ApplyBoard will only follow up with the Partner School after 10 weeks.
  • All requests must be sent via email from the Agent Advisor Email in order to be seen and tracked. Pings are not accepted for these types of requests.

ApplyBoard is continuously working to improve the way we handle refunds and deferral requests. We strive to make the process easier and quicker, and are happy to announce the following internal improvements:

  • ApplyBoard has updated and enhanced tracking of school deadlines to be more proactive for students
  • We are developing a Recovery Team in order to give these cases the attention they deserve
  • We are working to better track refund requests so that we can follow up when needed

With these updates and changes to how we handle refund and deferral requests, we can better serve our students and Recruitment Partners. Thank you for working with us to serve our students better.

Please contact your ApplyBoard Representative if you have any questions or concerns.