Feature Release: Recruitment Partner Certificate Auto-Generation

We have just released a new feature that allows owner Recruitment Partners (RPs) to automatically generate an ApplyBoard Certificate of Representation from their ApplyBoard Dashboard. Previously, ApplyBoard Certificates of Representation were created manually by a member of our team.

By automating certificate generation, owner RPs can get their certificate faster while also eliminating the potential for human error. 

This feature is available on the RP Dashboard for any RPs that have met the following criteria:

  • The RP is an owner RP
  • The RP has signed the newest agreement
  • The RP has been “approved” for at least 3 months

If all of the above criteria are met, the owner RP will be able to see a Certificate button on their dashboard. Simply click on the button to open a new tab where the certificate will be generated and available for download from your browser.

ApplyBoard Dashboard

ApplyBoard RP Certificate

It is important to note that the following RPs will not have access to this feature:

  • Deactivated RPs – Won’t be able to access their dashboards
  • Suspended RPs – Will get an error message when clicking on the button