Post-Decision Documents to be Uploaded to the Requirements System

ApplyBoard’s Admission and Pre-Arrival Team is now on the Requirements System! This is the same system that our Pre-Submission and Submission Team uses to collect Submission Requirements. All information required by the school after the admission decision to confirm the student’s enrollment must be uploaded to the Applicant Requirements tab on the dashboard.

Upload Post-Decision Documents

Upload post-decision documents to the Requirements System

Please Note: Uploading documents to the Applicant Requirements tab has replaced the need for sending conditions via email. Do not send information or documents via email in addition to completing the requirement on the Applicant Requirements tab. It will result in processing delays for the Admission and Pre-Arrival Team. Uploading a document or completing a requirement notifies the team, and including a Note is not required unless you notice a significant delay.

If there is a document that you want to submit but notice that there is not an appropriate field in the Applicant Requirements tab, please leave a Note for the Admission and Pre-Arrival Team so that one can be included for that document.

We are very excited to share that most ApplyBoard Teams are on the Requirements System to offer you a seamless experience! However, documents related to some processes will still need to be sent via email for now. Please always refer to the Notes on the application to guide you through the appropriate steps.

Have Questions About the Update?

We hope you like this update as much as we do! If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please contact your ApplyBoard Representative for assistance.

The ApplyBoard Team